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Zentangle Flowers Cover

Zentangle Flowers

This Zentangle Flowers download can be used in a variety of different ways.  You can print the faint template for creating a Zentangle flower (pictured in the middle above) or use the good examples...
Drawing Ballet Shoes

Drawing Ballet Shoes

'Drawing Ballet Shoes' is a download that includes 3 worksheets containing high-resolution images of ballet shoes.  Ideal to teach detailed, observational drawing. There are lots of drawing shoes art lessons on The Arty Teacher website.
Ballet Shoes Drawing

Ballet Shoes Grid Drawings

4 Ballet shoes grid drawings showing beautiful pictures of ballet shoes, two of which are new ballet shoes, one old ballet shoes and one is a close-up. There is a grid to draw on, as...
Collage Techniques and Processes

Collage Techniques and Processes

Collage Techniques & Processes is a Powerpoint that shows your students 9 different ways to collage.  It shows: cut and torn edges, layering, glueing down and peeling back layers, using text, found papers, adding...
Exit Tickets The Elements of Art

Exit Tickets – The Elements of Art

These Exit Tickets for the Elements of Art give you 4 ways to test your students understanding.  One ticket asks them to circle the Elements of Art.  Another, simply to list them.  The next,...
Photographing and Drawing Texture Cover

Photographing & Drawing Texture – Hybrid or Distance Learning

This ‘Photographing & Drawing Texture’ download asks your students to take photographs of texture, draw a grid and then draw their photos in the grid.  There is no need for students to print this...


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