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Drawing Eyes

'Drawing Eyes' is 3 worksheets with beautiful eyes all looking in different directions.  6 photos to draw in total.  This could be for one student to work in a range of media or you...

60 Art Extension Activities for Early Finishers

What do you do with students who finish early?  These 60 single page imaginative art activities for early finishers are the answer. These activities have been designed for younger students who finish early. (Age 8...

Color Wheel Pattern

This 'Color Wheel Pattern' worksheet is a great way to reinforce the colour wheel in your classroom.  There are two versions - one with the spelling 'color' and one with 'colour'. To make it easier...

Art Glossary

Do your students create an Art Glossary in the back of their sketchbooks where they can add keywords and definitions?  It's a great way to evidence subject-specific language and embed art literacy.  With this...

To Do List – Get Organised!

Get organised with this free To Do list.  It has a simple layout which helps you prioritise what you need to do. Headings of 'High Priority', 'Medium Priority' and 'Lower Priority' help you sort...

3 Doughnut Grid Drawings Bundle

This bundle groups together 3 doughnut grid drawings. There are lots of grid drawings on The Arty Teacher. This is an excellent collection to teach left brain thinking, learning to observe, drawing skills, and would fit in well...


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