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Mixed Media Marbles

This download is a PowerPoint presentation that shows, stage by stage, how to create a mixed media marbles artwork.  The media used are good quality coloured pencils and acrylic paint.  It starts with creating...

Gradating Pencil Sub / Cover Lesson

An essential lesson for your sub/cover folder!  This 'how-to gradate coloured pencil' teaches your students valuable skills.  It asks students to practice gradating and try out a variety of colours in the small rectangle...

Draw the Missing Half of the Spider

This one-page resource is a useful drawing resource especially if you are delivering an insect art project.  Use it as homework, classwork or extension activity. There is a version for the UK which uses the...

Camera Do’s and Don’ts – Photography Resource

This one-page free resource lists good advice you should be giving your students if you are lending them department cameras.  It is an editable word document so you can make this more department-specific should...

Analysing an Artwork – Arcimboldo

Analysing an artwork is a key skill for students. Teach your students how to analyse an artwork using this one-page worksheet.  It uses Blooms Taxonomy to create higher-order thinking questions that cover describing, understanding,...

Halloween Potions Painting Art Resource

Teach watercolour painting skills with this Halloween Potions painting art resource.  Teach your students how to work wet-on-wet like the good example that is included in this 2-page resource. There are more Halloween Art Resources...


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