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38 Art Instagram Accounts to Follow

Wouldn't it be great to have a list of inspiring art Instagram accounts to follow?  Well, here it is!  Many of your students use Instagram, so why not encourage them to soak up more...
christmas art project

Christmas Art Project – Christmas Baubles

https://youtu.be/jWAi5WnzzjA This short Christmas art project creates a beautiful artwork and enables you to teach about hot and cold colours and how they can be used to create contrast. It also gives your students the...

Christmas Holly Grid Drawings

3 Christmas holly grid drawings.  Don't be a Grinch!  When your class asks if you're going to be doing something Christmassy, say yes!  With this resource, you get 3 different grid drawings and two...

Drawing Eyes Sub Lesson

We all teach portrait drawing units of work, so it's good to have a portrait sub/cover lesson in your bank of resources.  This drawing eyes sub lesson is ideal.  It's clear step-by-step instructions and...

Mona Lisa Grid Drawing

This comprehensive Mona Lisa grid drawing comes with the following: A worksheet that explains the process your students should go through and introduces the term 'artist analysis'.  This worksheet includes a line drawing and...

Autumn Leaves Grid Drawings

3 Autumn Leaves Grid Drawings.  Beautiful, high-resolution images of autumn leaves that support your students with a grid and encourage detailed, tonal drawings. There are lots of autumn art resources on The Arty Teacher.


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