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Toothpaste Tubes Drawing Resource

This one-page Toothpaste Tubes Drawing Resource encourages detailed observational drawing.  The high-resolution images show every detail and provide a challenge to your students.  I can't resist their sculptural forms and can imagine them as massive...

Celtic Knots Shading or Painting Resource

Celtic Knots Shading or Painting Resource.  There are two versions of this visually appealing one-page resource. One asks students to shade and gradate colored pencil and the other asks students to gradate paint.

Prior Learning Assessment Worksheet

Prior Learning Assessment Worksheet. With this Prior Learning Assessment Worksheet, you can assess what your students have learned in the previous academic year.  It asks them what artists and materials they have studied or used,...

Graffiti Stencils

Graffiti stencils are a set of words in a 'stencil' font, that are ideal to cut out and use as stencils with your students.  There are 11 words and each comes in three different...

Big Art Word Search

It's big, and it's a word search. There are lots of word searches on The Arty Teacher

Lino Self-Assessment

A lino project self-assessment worksheet for summative self-assessment.  This visually appealing one-page lino self-assessment resource is for students to self-assess their work at the end of a lino project. The sheet asks them to...


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