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Drawing Texture Resource

This drawing texture resource asks students to draw textures they have observed in the two accompanying texture resource sheets.  It's an ideal activity to integrate into teaching the formal elements.

Strips & Circle Value/Tone Lesson

This resource enables you to teach your students that tone/value can create depth.  It also encourages your students to experiment with different media in the three circles.  This download includes the good example pictured...

Drawing Close-Ups of Fruit

This drawing fruit worksheet is a must have for fruit and vegetable projects.  High-resolution images work well in colour and when photocopied into black and white.  Use it as a sub lesson or integrate it...

Creativity Poster

This famous, inspiring quote makes an excellent poster!  This is a good reminder when students become too fixated on creating 'perfect' work. Register and then choose the ‘Free’ subscription to download 3 free resources a month.

Shoe Grid Drawing Packet

This packet of shoe grid drawings is a must-have if you are teaching a shoe art project, or if you want some useful drawing lessons up your sleeve. It bundles together three of my most...

Sandals Grid Drawing

This sandals grid drawing is really useful if you are teaching a shoe art project.  The high-resolution image allows your students to include lots of detail. There are two versions of this one-page resource.  One...


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