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Shoes Observational Drawing

A one-page 'Shoes Observational Drawing' resource is ideal for teaching observational drawing skills.  With lots of different values and details, it provides a good challenge. Click here to discover more shoe art resources.

Shoes Details

A detailed one-page resource that gives your students lots to draw.  Great to develop observational drawing skills. Click here to discover more shoe art resources.

Elements of Art Poster and Placemat

This free Elements of Art Poster and Placemat comes in two sizes: A4 and A3. It's one of the many fantastic, free resources on The Arty Teacher.  Register and you can download 3 free resources...

Christmas Ink Snowflake – Wet on Wet to Create a Beautiful Icy Texture!

https://youtu.be/V84T29uic5o This Christmas Ink Snowflake lesson comes with easy instructions, a good example and festive snowflakes.  Everything you need to run a fun but educational Christmas lesson.  

Owl Grid Drawings

These 5 high-definition, owl grid drawings will give your students choice and provide a good drawing challenge. Check out the numerous Grid Drawings on The Arty Teacher.

Christmas Wordsearch

A Christmas Wordsearch to have up your sleeve as an extension activity.   Click here to find Christmas Art Activites


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