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no sharing art materials

Warhol Converse ‘No Sharing Art Materials’ Unit of Work

This unit of work has been designed as a 'no sharing art materials' unit. Students can complete the tasks in the classroom or at home or a mixture of both. You need to give students...
Writing About Art

Writing About Art

Writing about art is a lesson that helps develop student's ability to write using subject-specific language and descriptively.  Students write down their own key words, adjectives from a list and then write a paragraph...
Find 3 artists who

Find 3 artists who… (Extension Task or Home Learning Challenge)

This one-page resource asks your students to find three artists for different categories.  It's a great way to get your students looking at more art and thinking about the different sort of art that's...
Drawing Eyes Home Learning

Drawing Eyes Home Learning

  'Drawing Eyes Home Learning' is a four-page resource that asks your students to photograph their eyes and then draw from their photographs.  Clear instructions and excellent visual examples give your students the support they...

Art Extension Tasks – 8 Mini Grid Drawings – All Star Converse

This art extension task of 8 mini grid drawings of All-Star Converse, is ideal to have ready for those students who finish before others and need to be kept meaningfully busy.  Two pages with...

The Knot Challenge – A Drawing Challenge Sub/Cover Lesson

This is a drawing challenge for your students!  The knot challenge asks your students to draw the knot.  You could use this to teach drawing or use is as a sub/cover lesson. It includes...


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