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The Colour Wheel

A basic, free color wheel which shows primary, secondary and tertiary colours. There are two versions of the same document.  One with the spelling 'color' and one with 'colour'.   To access free resources simply register and verify your...

Seed Heads Reference Sheet

A beautiful, one-page resource that is ideal for any natural forms unit of work. Fantastic for drawing and painting projects or for working in a variety of different media. Have you tried searching Natural Forms...

Creating Compositions

Do your students struggle when creating compositions? This worksheet is designed to support students when they are creating compositions by making suggestions of things to consider. It asks them to think about different shapes,...

Texture Resource Sheet

This texture worksheet is ideal for teaching the elements of art.  It's great to stick in a sketchbook or use as a poster. To see more texture resources click here.

Key Words List

You will use this Key Words list again and again.  It's a great way to help and encourage students to use a broader vocabulary in your art lessons, and a simple way to incorporate...

African Masks Packet

This African Masks packet groups together 3 super-useful resources. 40 slides of African masks to use in your classroom.  This image bank is a great starting point for a cultures project.  I took many of...


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