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Drawing a Fly

Drawing a Fly (insect) in Pencil or Pen

Drawing a Fly is a one-page download but there are two versions of it.  One that asks students to draw the fly in pencil and one that asks them to draw it in pen. There...
Drawing and Painting Insects

Drawing and Painting Insects Unit of Work

Painting and Drawing insects is a big unit of work that has been written for older students (perhaps age 14/15) who are embarking on an independent course of study.  Ideal for Year 10 in...

Van Gogh QR Code Trail – Home or Hybrid

This Van Gogh QR code trail gives students six QR codes that lead them to various websites and information which they need to answer the questions on the 2-page worksheet.  Students will need: A...

Collaging a Pepper – Home or Hybrid

This collaging a pepper art resource, asks students to research the artist Derek Gores and to create a collage of a pepper in his style.  This is an ideal home learning or blended learning...
Drawing Snakeskin

Drawing Snakeskin

Drawing snakeskin is a one-page resource that includes 4 high-resolution images of snakeskin.  Ideal for your animal projects. There are lots of animal art resources on The Arty Teacher.  If you like this, you might...

Drawing and Collaging A Pineapple – Home or Hybrid

Drawing and collaging a pineapple is an ideal blended learning art resource as it can be completed at home or in the classroom.  I would allow 3 (50 min) lessons for the drawing and...


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