Drawing Monsters

Drawing Monsters Imaginative Drawing

If drawing monsters fires their imagination, let your students draw monsters!  This download includes: A worksheet of eyes to draw monsters on. A good example of a monster in a PDF and on a...
Emergency Sub Lesson

Emergency Sub / Cover Lesson

If you're looking for an emergency sub lesson, this just might be just what you're looking for.  Students simply copy the word 'Emergency' pictured above.  It's great for teaching that tone/values can create depth...
Draw the Kiwi Slice

Draw the Kiwi Slice in Coloured Pencil Sub Lesson

Draw the Kiwi Slice sub lesson asks student's to create an accurate observational drawing of the kiwi slice using coloured pencil.  This download includes: A one-page worksheet pictured above.  There are versions for the...
Cross Hatching Burger

Cross Hatching Burger Sub/Cover Lesson

Cross Hatching Burger This one-page resource with lesson plan asks students to practise creating tones/values with cross hatching and then to draw the burger using cross hatching.  This has been created as a sub/cover lesson...

The Knot Challenge – A Drawing Challenge Sub/Cover Lesson

This is a drawing challenge for your students!  The knot challenge asks your students to draw the knot.  You could use this to teach drawing or use is as a sub/cover lesson. It includes...
Draw the Butterfly

Draw the Butterfly Sub/Cover Lesson (Insects)

Draw the Butterfly sub/cover lesson is a super-useful download and will link to lots of projects you already teach.  Perhaps you already have an insect project or natural forms project?  However, it also works...


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