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Texture Wall Hanging

Texture Wall Hanging Unit of Work

This texture wall hanging unit of work results in students making a wall hanging like the one pictured here.  Students explore texture and experiment with a broad range of media.  They research 4 texture...

Cubist Still Life Unit of Work

This Cubist still life unit of work asks students to research Cubism and create a sketchbook page, create a collage (of pots, jars mugs etc) with the collage pieces included in this download,...
Introduction to Line Drawing and Mark Making

Introduction to Line Drawing and Mark Making (Animals)

This unit of work introduces your students to line drawing and marking with animals as a theme.  I would do this in Year 7 where students are aged 11/12. Students complete the following tasks: ...
Hundertwasser Art Project

Hundertwasser Art Project – Painting Unit of Work

This comprehensive Hundertwasser Art Project guides students through creating a research page on Hundertwasser and then creating a watercolour painting.  The step-by-step photos in the PowerPoint (pictured above) really help students succeed.  This...
Surrealist Art Project

Surrealism Art Project – Surrealist Eye

This comprehensive Surrealism art project asks students to research Salvador Dali and René Magritte and then create and draw a Surrealist eye.  This download includes: The 14 page PowerPoint pictured above. A three page...
Drawing and Painting Insects

Drawing and Painting Insects Unit of Work

Painting and Drawing insects is a big unit of work that has been written for older students (perhaps age 14/15) who are embarking on an independent course of study.  Ideal for Year 10 in...


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