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Miniature Drawing Project

https://youtu.be/GJm1CwsRFgk Miniature Drawing Project. This mini unit of work will fill four or five lessons and asks your students to practise drawing small objects in different media, make a tiny concertina book and then fill it...
landscape collage unit of work

Landscape Collage Unit of Work

Landscape Collage Unit of Work This comprehensive unit of work asks your students to both draw a landscape and create a landscape collage where they paint their own papers first.  (Of course, you could just...

Drawing A Freaky Collage Face

Drawing a collage! This exciting unit of work asks your students to create a collage and then draw it.  Not only that, it asks your students to work in a variety of different media. ...

Star Anise Drawing & Lino Printing Project

A comprehensive drawing and lino printing project which includes a detailed scheme of work, homework ideas, stage by stage instructions with good examples.
Art Lesson Plans for Jasper Johns

Jasper Johns Watercolor and Coloured Pencil Unit

This Jasper Johns Watercolor and Coloured Pencil Unit teaches not only about the artist but also colour theory as it uses anaolgous/harmonious and complementary colours.  A stage by stage description, good examples and tips...

Mark-Making Portrait Unit

A complete unit of work that explores mark-making and portrait drawing.  The unit includes: A stage-by-stage detailed unit of work.* Learning about the proportions of the face. Practicing drawing features of the face. Practicing mark-making...


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