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Reflections Unit of Work

Reflections Unit of Work

This Reflections Unit of Work is a complete, comprehensive unit of work ideal for GCSE courses or courses where students are following an independent course of study such as choice-based learning.  During this unit...

Ammonite Collagraph Printing Unit of Work

This comprehensive ammonite collagraph printing project asks students to: Research the artist Glen Alps who is the artist credited with inventing collagraphy. Create a collagraph inspired by an ammonite. Print the collagraph. Work into...
selfies portrait project

Selfies Portrait Project for Distance Learning

This selfies portrait project for distance learning is a comprehensive unit of work that asks students to: Photograph themselves on their phone and present their photos. Draw in different media. Research one of a...
Rex Ray Card Sculpture

Rex Ray Card Sculpture Unit of Work

This Rex Ray Card Sculpture unit of work is a comprehensive art project that asks students to research collage artist Rex Ray, draw onions and garlic (optional), create designs, construct a card tear shape...
Texture Wall Hanging

Texture Wall Hanging Unit of Work

This texture wall hanging unit of work results in students making a wall hanging like the one pictured here.  Students explore texture and experiment with a broad range of media.  They research 4 texture...

Cubist Still Life Unit of Work

This Cubist still life unit of work asks students to research Cubism and create a sketchbook page, create a collage (of pots, jars mugs etc) with the collage pieces included in this download,...


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