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Assessing A Drawing Rubric

This drawing assessment rubric is excellent for peer and self-assessment, or just to let your students know at the start of a project what you will be looking for when you mark their drawing...

GCSE Personal Tutorial

This is an ideal document to use for one-to-one tutorials. It allows you to assess the students progress against the assessment objectives. You can either use the boxes to write what they have done...

Art Lesson Review

Do you really want to improve your lessons? Are you brave enough to get feedback from your students? Yes? Try reviewing your lessons with this Art Lesson Review document. Foster an atmosphere of self-assessment for improvement by...

Exit Tickets – General

These 3 super-useful exit tickets can be used in almost any lesson to assess your students learning. They ask: The most important thing I learned was... I still have questions about... Our learning target is... ...

Peer Marking and Self-Assessing a Watercolor (& Watercolour)

You will receive two versions of this resource when you download it - one with the spelling 'watercolour' and one with the spelling 'watercolor'. This super-useful resource allows you to choose to get students to peer...

Drawing Self-Assessment

This visually appealing one-page drawing self-assessment resource, is for students to self-assess their work at the end of a drawing project. This is a summative assessment.  The sheet asks them to write keywords and...


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