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Use the ‘Arty Stuff’ drop down menu to access amazing free resources for Art Teachers. The ‘Arty Students’ page showcases excellent exemplar work to inspire you and your students – keep checking back as this is going to be an ever-growing section of this website. The ‘STEAM’ page will help you plan STEAM projects, as each scientific and mathematical word links to a selection of appropriate artists! The ‘TED Talks’ page showcases inspiring TED talks especially selected to inspire Art Teachers and their students. The Artists listed by Theme page is one of the most visited sections of this website. It categorises hundreds of artists by theme which is super-useful when you or your students needs to develop their work and make contextual links.

Latest Resourse

Zentangle Cobweb Worksheet

Zentangle Cobweb Worksheet

This zentangle cobweb worksheet is ideal for a fun Halloween art lesson. Students apply their own zentangle patterns to a blank cobweb.  This download includes: A good example zentangle cobweb. A blank zentangle cobweb...
selfies portrait project

Selfies Portrait Project for Distance Learning

This selfies portrait project for distance learning is a comprehensive unit of work that asks students to: Photograph themselves on their phone and present their photos. Draw in different media. Research one of a...
Feather Colour Wheel

Feather Colour Wheel

This appealing, one-page Feather Colour Wheel has been designed to get your students to learn or consolidate their learning of primary, secondary and tertiary colours.  There is a version with the spelling 'colour' and...


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