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Use the ‘Arty Stuff’ drop-down menu to access amazing free resources for Art Teachers. The ‘Arty Students’ page showcases excellent exemplar work to inspire you and your students – keep checking back as this is going to be an ever-growing section of this website. The ‘TED Talks’ page showcases inspiring TED talks especially selected to inspire Art Teachers and their students.

My famous Artists Listed by Theme page is one of the most visited sections of this website. It categorises hundreds of artists by theme which is super-useful when you or your students needs to develop their work and make contextual links.

You’ll also find pages on ‘Colour Theory‘ for the Uk and ‘Color Theory‘ for the states.  It’s great to have somewhere to refer your students where you know the definitions are accurate and child friendly.

The Art Dictionary was created as I wanted somewhere to send my students to get definitions.  Having a glossary in the back of a sketchbook is a simple way to evidence that art literacy is happening in your classroom.

Latest Resourses

Art Teacher Website

Sarah Crowther – The Arty Teacher

I set up The Arty Teacher because I have a passion for my subject that I want to share with other art teachers around the world.

I have been a high school art teacher for over 20 years, so I understand what it’s like to be in front of a class of students, often with very different abilities and attitudes.

I wanted to develop resources that would help teachers to bring out the best in every student in every class. I also wanted to free-up staff from time-consuming lesson preparation to let them focus instead on delivering exciting, motivating, dynamic lessons, supported by excellent resources.

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