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Portraits of Dead Artists – Mimi Ilnitskaya

Drawing skulls is appealing to so many students.  If you then want your students to make connections with artists, illustrator Mimi Ilnitskaya from Kazakhstan is an artist worth knowing about. Her whimsical drawings of skulls...

5 Ways to Use Showbie for Art Lessons

Using Showbie for art lessons is a solution for online learning.  I have found Showbie is the perfect platform for art teachers as for each child you can see a progression of their work...

Decaying Boats by Michael Screen

Artist Michael Screen, has recently developed a deep interest in nautical art, and is currently working on a portfolio based on studies of decaying and abandoned ships and boats. Originally from Wales, he has been...
Zoom Art Lessons

Zoom Art Lessons

Zoom Art Lessons present a whole new challenge for teachers.  I can’t think of a subject more difficult to teach using Zoom than art.  Additionally, I can’t think of another subject where more one-to-one teaching...
Autumn Art Lessons

Autumn Art Lessons

I really enjoy delivering Autumn art lessons.  It's a good idea to get students to respond to the world around them and a great excuse for observational drawing and colour mixing.  The resources below...

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