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Savijit Sra

Photoseries: Creating a Narrative with Photographer Sarvjit Sra

Working with artists and practitioners is a highly desirable way to engage students in Art & Design and broadens their learning from inside of the classroom. This year, my students from Wolverhampton Grammar School...
Ronnie Houselander-Cook

ECT Art Teacher and Blogger Ronnie

Ronnie Houselander-Cook is an ECT art teacher here in the UK and responded to my call on social media for ECT's to blog in return for a free subscription to The Arty Teacher.  An...
Attention Grabbers

Attention Grabbers aka How to Get Quiet in the Classroom

In the States they are called 'attention grabbers', here in the UK it would be part of your behaviour management strategy, but whatever you call it, ways to get your students to be quiet...
Oreo Cameos

Oreo Cameos

I've never seen an art teacher use Oreos in the art classroom before but when I saw art teacher Sandy Queen post the images below on my Facebook group Your Student's Artwork, I had...
How to Get Students to Create Gestural Drawing

How to Get Students to Create Gestural Drawing

How to get students to create gestural drawing is a question many art teachers have asked themselves.  I saw the beautiful, gestural drawings below on Facebook posted by art teacher Joan Martin. They were...

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