The Paper Sculptures of Carrie Ann Schumacher

  The lace-like ruffles, the leafy skirts, the frills and layers of the dresses made by Carrie Ann Schumacher make her work instantly appealing.  I've found that students find her work truly engaging and she...

Collage Artists to Use in Art Lessons

I've put together this list of collage artists to give you an overview of who you could use in the classroom with your students.  There are some old favourites here and hopefully some new...
Betsy Youngquist

Betsy Youngquist tells The Arty Teacher about Playing with Dolls Heads & Humpty Dumpty

I've always been drawn to the beaded creations of Betsy Youngquist.  When I read that Youngquists Art Education had had a museum emphasis this seemed to make sense.  Her creations would fit well in a museum...

Embedding Literacy in the Art Curriculum

I posed the question on social media "If a new art teacher said to you 'How do you embed art literacy in your art curriculum?' What would you answer?" The replies came thick and fast...

List of Artists to Engage Boys in the Art Classroom

A question for you: How are you going to engage boys in art? Research shows that boys engage with art if you the following themes and ways of working.  They are switched off by a...

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