Cristina Troufa – An Inspiration to Art Students

I can show students a range of artists work and if Cristina Troufa is in the mix, there are certain to be several students who choose to look at her work.  I shouldn't be...

End of Term Art Games with No Mess!

It's nearly the end of term and your brain is fried and your resources depleted. The following end of term art games just might save your sanity! The most any of them need is paper...
art lesson starters

8 YouTube Videos that make great Art Lesson Starters

Videos can make great art lesson starters.  If you are lucky enough to be able to access Youtube in your classroom, you’ll know what a great source of inspiration they can be.  I’ve selected...

Don’t Take it Personally! Some Students don’t like Art Class

'Don't Take it Personally! Some Students don't like Art Class' is a guest post from Art Teacher Madelyn Hewins from Don Tyson School of Innovation in Springdale, Arkansas. I read this on her blog 'Teaching...

Color Wheel – Color Theory

Color Wheel - Color Theory This blog post features all the colour art resources available on The Arty Teacher which use the color wheel.  Note that each resource always comes with two versions.  One with...

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