Websites Every Art Teacher Should Know

There are lots of websites out there that are useful to art teachers.  You might be looking for inspiring artists to introduce to your students.  You might want websites that you can direct your...

10 Essential Teaching Books for Art Teachers

There are lots of teaching books for art teachers out there and my advice is read as many as you can.  We want our students to be life long learners and we should practice...

How to give a Good Demonstration in Art?

What is a good demonstration in art?  We all know that when we do a demonstration, a large percentage of the class will be able to independently complete the task immediately afterward but there...
Zentangle Art Lessons

Zentangle Art Lessons

Zentangles really do engage students and below is a great selection of Zentangle art lessons that you can use with your art students. Zentangles Feathers 'Zentangles Feathers' is a popular lesson and gives students three feathers...

Wire Artists to use the Art Classroom

The wire artists featured below are all well known for their work with this unusual and creative medium.  Creating fluid, sculptural works of faces, figures, animals and objects, they are certain to inspire your...

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