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Ways to Extend Student Work

5 Ways to Extend Student Work After Lockdown

This blog post details 5 ways to extend student work after lockdown.  I’ve seen a lot of art teachers on social media worrying about the quantity of work their students have created in lockdown. ...

Art Venn Diagram Maker

I'm so excited about this!  When you subscribe to 10 resources a month, you also get access to my online art Venn diagram maker.  Watch the video to learn more: https://youtu.be/jGk8Lev9K7E Use it to compare two...

4 Easy Art Starter Activities for Zoom

The ideas below are all easy art starter activities for zoom.  Many of us are zooming away every lesson and it's good to have some new ideas to keep things fresh and students engaged. Students...
Negative Space in Art

What is Negative Space in Art?

In art, negative space is the space around and between the subject of the image.  The positive space is the subject or object of the image. Why is it important? Negative space is important because it...

Insect Art on Books by Rose Sanderson

When I first saw the insect art created by Rose Sanderson, I happened to be teaching my students an insect project.  I couldn't wait to share her work with my students.  Her detailed paintings...

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