Art Teacher Mugs for Arty People

Art Teacher Mugs are popping up all over the place on the internet at the moment, and there are some great designs to choose from.  My tea is so much more enjoyable when I...

Drawing Eyes

Drawing eyes is a task that students really seem to find engaging.  With the right encouragement and guidance, students of all abilities can find success.  There is so much detail within an eye that...

Cas Holmes: Themes & Techniques

Cas Holmes is a textile artist loved by many art and textile teachers.  Using mostly low-tech techniques that can be replicated in the classroom, she is an ideal artist to use with students.  Found...

Which Art Apron?

As you head back to school you might be planning on treating yourself to a new art apron.  I don't know of an art teacher who hasn't ruined an item of clothing at some...

What is Differentiation in Art?

Differentiation in art means providing for the individual needs of the students in your art class so that they all make progress. When I was training to be an art teacher I found differentiation to...

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