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Art Teacher Interview Questions

If you're about to be interviewed or you're a head of department who is going to be doing the interviewing, you'll find the questions below useful.  As an interviewee, you can't anticipate every question...
How to Create an Online Exhibition

How to Create an Online Exhibition Using Google Sites

I've seen lots of interest online in creating online exhibitions to celebrate our student's work.  I am so sad that my students won't get to have an actual exhibition at school which is always...

8 Tips for Running A School Art Exhibition

Art exhibitions are an integral and exciting part of the art-making process. There’s something special about seeing your drawing framed, your painting glazed, or your sculpture displayed in a professional manner. Your students will...

How to Learn Student Names Quickly: 26 Names within 5 Minutes!

Do you struggle to learn student names? This guest blog post by Jo Baker details her tried and tested method on how to learn student names quickly. It's a great read, especially as we...

10 Must-Have Art Resources for the New Academic Year

So what 10 resources on The Arty Teacher would help you make an excellent start to the new academic year?  I've listed below 10 must-have art resources that will help you feel organised for...

Can I borrow a pencil?

This blog post is about 'Art Room Management of Pencils'! It made me laugh that a recent post on facebook which opening line was 'Can I borrow a pencil?' has attracted over 150 comments from...

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