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10 Must-Have Art Resources for the New Academic Year

So what 10 resources on The Arty Teacher would help you make an excellent start to the new academic year?  I've listed below 10 must-have art resources that will help you feel organised for...

Can I borrow a pencil?

This blog post is about 'Art Room Management of Pencils'! It made me laugh that a recent post on facebook which opening line was 'Can I borrow a pencil?' has attracted over 150 comments from...

Walls Can Teach – Inspiring Art Rooms

Is it just me, or do you love looking at other peoples inspiring art rooms?  I'm interested to see how they have made a space ripe for creativity, how they display students work and...
The Hepworth Wakefield

12 Hashtags Every Art Teacher Should Know

This blog post looks at hashtags every art teacher should know, and why you should know them.  Or should you? It’s useful to know about hashtags for Art Teaching if you use social media.  You...

How to Make Your Art Department Budget go Further!

What can you do in the art room that costs practically nothing? What can you create when you have no budget left? Most art teachers have to manage on a really tight budget, so...

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