Spot the Difference - Degas

Spot the Difference – Degas

Can you find the 6 differences between these two paintings? Just click on the image below to make it larger. This painting is called 'The Rehearsal of the Ballet Onstage' (1874) and is by an...
Abby Diamond Artist

Abby Diamond Inspired Birds

When I saw the stage by stage photos by art teacher Robert Bagley, I knew they would be of interest to art teachers everywhere. They are inspired by the artist Abby Diamond who is...
Mimi Ilnitskaya

Portraits of Dead Artists – Mimi Ilnitskaya

Drawing skulls is appealing to so many students.  If you then want your students to make connections with artists, illustrator Mimi Ilnitskaya from Kazakhstan is an artist worth knowing about. Her whimsical drawings of skulls...
decaying boats

Decaying Boats by Michael Screen

Artist Michael Screen, has recently developed a deep interest in nautical art, and is currently working on a portfolio based on studies of decaying and abandoned ships and boats. Originally from Wales, he has been...

Derek Jarman’s Prospect Cottage

A few weeks ago I visited Derek Jarman's Prospect Cottage in Dungeness. Jarman trained at the Slade School of Fine Art and went on to be a pioneering film-maker, stage designer, sculptor, painter, poet...

Jeff Stahl Skulls

Artist Jeff Stahl is best known for his caricature portraits and pet portraits but has also created wonderful, gestural paintings of skulls that are ideal to show to your students.  Not least because he...

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