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The Arty Teacher is focussing on supporting teachers with art home and hybrid learning resources.  Hybrid learning resources can be used in the classroom or at home.  This page details resources for art home/hybrid learning, free blog posts for home learning and pedagogical posts about home learning.  Bookmark this page now as this page will be constantly updated.

Art Projects that can be Emailed or Uploaded

Home or Hybrid – No Need to Print

Painting with Coffee

Ammonite Coffee Art

Ammonite Distance Learning

Ammonites Home Learning Cover

Dilapidated Boats

Dilapidated Boats

Drawing Texture

Photographing and Drawing Texture Cover

Drawing Close-Ups

Drawing Close-Ups Art Distance Learning

Drawing Eyes

Drawing Eyes Home Learning

Colour Theory

Colour Theory Distance Learning

Illustration & Mixed Media Project

art home learning

Junk Mail Notan


Magazine Weaving

magazine weaving cover

Drawing Fruit

drawing fruit distance learning

Drawing & Collaging a Kiwi

Drawing & Collaging a Pineapple

collage pineapple

Artist Research

artist research

Collaging a Pepper

distance learning

Making Faces

making faces home learning

Mandala Art

Mandala Art

Drawing Around Objects

Art Obsessions

art home learning

Everyday Objects

art home learning

Researching & Drawing Shoes

art home learning

Photography Scavenger Hunt

photography home learning

Photography Tone Challenge

Photography Colour Hunt

art home learning

Photography Scavenger Hunt

photography home learning

Warhol Converse Project

no sharing art materials

Picasso & Paper Questions

Printable Packs – Home or Hybrid

You Print or Students Print at Home

Drawing Shells

Drawing Shells

Drawing Peppers

List of Isolation Artists

Isolation Art Analysis

Analysing an Artwork - Edvard Munch

Drawing Food Pack

drawing food

Drawing Insects Pack

Drawing Insects

Select Your Own Grid Drawings

art grid drawings for home learning

Drawing Car Details

drawing cars

Drawing Texture

drawing texture


Zentangle Art Lessons

Free Online Art Lessons

3D at Home

Abstract Coffee Art

Creating with Shadows

Mark Making with Coffee

Drawing A Collage

drawing character collages

Loo Roll Art Challenge

home learning online learning

Drawing a View

Collage Activity

collage activity for home learning

Recreating Paintings

Painting Online Learning

Free Support & Advice for Art Home Learning

Free & Inspiring Home Learning Ideas

Phased Return to Work

Phased Return to School

How Can Technology Help?

Art Home Learning using teachnology

This home learning page was created as a result of school closures due the coronavirus pandemic.  COVID-19 certainly created a unique set of challenges for art teachers.  Whether you call it art home learning, art online learning, or art distance learning, this page is a great page to bookmark.  In my mind, art online learning is completed online.  For example, students might complete a quiz online or complete maths online.  Distance learning makes me think of courses that are completed by adults over a long period of time, but this might just be me.  After much thought, I chose to call this page ‘Home Learning’.