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Peeling Paint Art Resources

Peeling Paint Art Resources

These peeling paint art resources are an irresistible starting point for a project.  This download includes: A 24 page PowerPoint of images (pictured above). 3 PDF resource sheets There are many more image banks on...
Ballet Shoes Images Cover

Ballet Shoes Image Bank

Ballet Shoes Image Bank.  Stunning, high-definition images of ballet shoes for drawing and painting. 19 slides showing mainly new and some old ballet shoes. There are more ballet shoes art resources and image banks on...
Petri Dish Images

Petri Dish Images for Art Projects

This 29 slide presentation of Petri dish images for art projects, is full of beautiful Petri dish images that are beautiful to draw or paint.  Ideal for your STEAM art projects or you may...
Barnacle Shells Cover

Shells with Barnacles

These shells with barnacles are just stunning and make an amazing drawing, painting or textiles resource.  The images are in a PowerPoint and come with two amazing examples to inspire your students. This download...
Wooden Boat

Wooden Boat – Image Bank

This image bank contains 11 images of a beautiful wooden, decaying boat.  The pictures show the boat from different angles and are wonderful to draw or paint.  This boat was photographed near Derek Jarman's...

Coronavirus Covid-19 Image Bank

This Coronavirus Covid-19 Image Bank contains 56 slides of images that reflect the coronavirus pandemic.  Eerily empty streets, masks, tired hospital workers, transport, loo roll, cordoned playgrounds and people going about their everyday business...


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