Mark Making Portrait Unit

Portraits Project

A complete unit of work that explores mark making and portrait drawing.  The unit includes:

  • A stage-by-stage detailed unit of work.*
  • Learning about the proportions of the face.
  • Practising drawing features of the face.
  • Looking at artists who have used mark making in their work, either through a short video or using the Van Gogh drawing examples.
  • Practising mark making with a range of media, with a good example.
  • Drawing a portrait of a celebrity** and applying effective mark making.
  • Good examples of student mark making portraits by students aged 11/12 years.
  • Lots of homework ideas.
  • An assessment rubric specific to this unit.

*This unit of work does not include individual lesson plans.

**This could be changed to drawing a portrait of themselves, family member or friend.

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