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Artists Statement Worksheet

How do you get your students to write an artists statement?  One way is to use this worksheet.  It breaks down the tasks into three sections: what they have made and with what materials,...
Blooms Taxonomy for Art Revised

Blooms Taxonomy for Art Revised

Blooms Taxonomy for Art Revised I've updated my 'Blooms Taxonomy for Art' and 'Blooms Taxonomy Question Cards' and bundled them together.  With this resource you receive: Blooms Taxonomy for Art Revised (pictured right) Blooms Question...

Art Glossary

Do your students create an Art Glossary in the back of their sketchbooks where they can add keywords and definitions?  It's a great way to evidence subject-specific language and embed art literacy.  With this...

Big Art Word Search

It's big, and it's a word search. There are lots of word searches on The Arty Teacher
Elements of Art Poster

Elements of Art Poster – Great for Display

This free Elements of Art Poster and Placemat comes in two sizes: A4 and A3. There are two versions of each to allow for the different spellings: colour and color. It's one of the many...

Analysing an Artwork – Van Gogh

This worksheet asks students to analyze a Van Gogh drawing.  It uses Blooms Taxonomy to create higher order thinking questions that cover describing, understanding, analysing, evaluating and creating. There are two versions of the one...


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