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Franz Marc Venn

Franz Marc Art Analysis Venn Diagram

Franz Marc Art Analysis Venn Diagram.  This Art Venn diagram includes Art, Maths & Literacy! It’s not always easy to introduce maths and literacy into an art lesson but by using this Venn Diagram for...
Art Glossary 2

Art Glossary 2

Using an Art Glossary is a great way to ensure your students record art-specific vocabulary.  This might be techniques, processes or different media.  You could choose to add artist names to the label that...
Art Exam

Art Exam – Analysing an Artwork

This one-page art analysis worksheet is intended to be used for an exam to test your student's ability to analyse an artwork.  You choose which artwork you would like them to analyse and then...
Art Display Keywords

Art Display Keywords – Art Literacy

'Art Display Keywords' is a download that should be part of your art literacy strategy.  Having keywords on your displays is a simple way to help build your student's subject-specific language.  This resource includes...

Art Annotation Bookmark

This art annotation bookmark is a great way to introduce annotation to a class and can remain in students' sketchbooks as a handy reminder.  Also included in this download is a list of examples...
Writing About Art

Writing About Art

Writing about art is a lesson that helps develop student's ability to write using subject-specific language and descriptively.  Students write down their own key words, adjectives from a list and then write a paragraph...


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