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Thanksgiving watercolour lesson

Thanksgiving Art Lesson or Gratitude Spiral

This Thanksgiving art lesson can be used for Thanksgiving or just to get student's to focus on what they are grateful for.  These will make a wonderful display quickly.  This download includes: A blank...
Watercolour Art Lesson

Autumn Maple Leaves Watercolour Art Lesson

This watercolour art lesson teaches students to work wet on wet and blend colours.  This download includes the 4 pages pictured above which are: Autumn maple leaves reference sheet. A maple leaves worksheet to...
Watercolour Autumn Leaves

Watercolour Autumn Leaves

'Watercolour Autumn Leaves' is a four-page resource that gives students the opportunity to practise wet on wet and wet on dry.  This is an ideal first watercolour lesson.  This download includes: A leaves worksheet...

Watercolour Bee Art Lesson – Teach Painting

With this watercolour bee art lesson, you can confidently teach your students to create a watercolour painting of a bee.  This download includes: A PowerPoint (pictured above) with step by step instructions. The PowerPoint...

Watercolor – How to Paint Bubbles

How to paint bubbles? Watercolor Bubbles is an excellent resource to teach your students watercolour techniques such as working wet on wet and also about wax resist.  This 6-page download includes: A two-page lesson...

How to Paint Skin Tones – The Skin Tone Challenge

How to Paint Skin Tones, worksheet and lesson plan.  This is ideal for the first time that your students try to mix skin tones. This one-page resource (pictured above) is designed to challenge your students...


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