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How to Paint Skin Tones

How to Paint Skin Tones – The Skin Tone Challenge

How to Paint Skin Tones, worksheet and lesson plan.  This is ideal for the first time that your students try to mix skin tones. This one-page resource (pictured above) is designed to challenge your students...

Autumn Leaves to Watercolour

Autumn leaves to watercolour is a useful resource to support your students who are learning to watercolor.  Taking the emphasis away from drawing, this resource allows your students to concentrate on colour mixing and...
autumn art

Autumn Art – Drawing and Painting Details

These 3 'Autumn Art' resource sheets capture the essence of autumn.  With 9 photographs on a page, you will have 27 images to inspire your students.  Beautiful autumnal leaves, rose hips, brambles, snails and...

Halloween Potions Painting Art Resource

Teach watercolour painting skills with this Halloween Potions painting art resource.  Teach your students how to work wet-on-wet like the good example that is included in this 2-page resource. There are more Halloween Art Resources...
Halloween Pumpkins Art Resource

Halloween Pumpkins Art Resource – Watercolour

Use this Halloween pumpkins art resource to teach your students how to gradate watercolour.  This one-page resource includes instructions on the bottom and you could even watch this video on how to gradate watercolour....
warm and cool colours

Warm and Cool Colours Shells Watercolour Project

Teach your students about warm and cool colours and how to gradate watercolour with this shells watercolour project.  This project includes: 3 different shells to watercolour. 2 Good examples of shells that have been...


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