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Archimboldo Art Analysis Venn Diagram

Archimboldo Art Analysis Venn Diagram.  This Art Venn diagram includes Art, Maths & Literacy! It’s not always easy to introduce maths and literacy into an art lesson but by using this Venn Diagram for analysis...
Definition Cards for Color Theory

Definition Cards for Color Theory

https://youtu.be/xx5rG1vZXfU Use these definition cards for color theory as a starter to your lesson.  They will consolidate learning of colour theory and can be used for group work. Print and laminate the sheets and then cut...

Painting Twigs – End of Term Fun!

 This visually appealing resource challenges your students to paint twigs and suggests 5 things they can try, detailed below.  There is also a second version of this resource pictured here to the left where...

Watercolor Techniques

This watercolor techniques resource makes a great start to any watercolour project and an impressive double page spread.  It comes with a detailed lesson plan which gives easy-to-follow instructions for each watercolor technique.  It...
Christmas Painting Activity

Christmas Painting Activity – Christmas Tags Art Resource

This Christmas painting activity, where students paint the Christmas gift tags, is ideal to teach your students controlled painting skills.  Your students will be engaged with this fun activity and you will be happy...
Beetles Art Resource

Beetles Art Resource

This Beetles Art Resource includes 7 pages of high-resolution images of beetles.  Your students will have lots of choice and really engage with these detailed, colourful images of beetles.  What a great starting point...


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