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Easter Eggs to Colour

A simple end-of-term filler - Easter Eggs to Colour.  Why not colour and collage them to make Easter cards?

Pysanky Eggs Art Resource

Pysanky Eggs Art Resource.  A useful one-page resource that illustrates Pysanky Eggs. There is a traditional tale about Pysanky eggs here on Youtube called 'Rechenka's Eggs by Patricia Polacco'  It would be lovely to play in...

What Media? What Surface?

Whether you use this to remind yourself what media and surfaces you could use, or if you use it to help your students be more independent, it's a really useful list.  It suggests 13...

List of Natural Forms

List of Natural Forms for Art Teachers.  If you are delivering a natural forms project, this super-useful list will let your students choose for themselves!  There are 42 suggestions on the list. This is just...

L-Shaped Viewfinder

An L-shaped viewfinder is the most flexible choice of viewfinder as it doesn't limit your students to a particular rectangle or square.  It gives them the flexibility to try different dimensions.  Simply cut out...

How to Fold a Christmas Snowflake

Have you ever wondered why you can't create a paper snowflake as good as the ones you see on the internet? It's all in the way you fold it!  If you fold your paper...


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