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assessing group work

Assessing Group Work

This 'Assessing Group Work' download provides a simple way for you to assess group work as it is happening. It is an editable work document so you can add students names. Read the blog...
Photography Rubric - Abstraction

Photography Rubric – Abstraction

This is a photography rubric to use alongside the chapter 'Abstraction' in the photography book 'Open Aperture'.  You can read more and find out where to buy this book here.  This download is for...
Klari Keis Presentation

Klari Reis Presentation

This is the official, artist-approved, presentation about the work of artist Klari Reis.  Famous for her Petri dish installations, she is a perfect artist to introduce your students to if you are looking for...
Degas Spot the Difference

Degas Spot the Difference Solution

This is the solution for the online Degas spot the difference starter/bell ringer that you can see here.  It does not contain the puzzle, just the solution.  This is an ideal fun starter to...
Teach Me Poster

Teach Me Poster

This arty teach me poster with powerful message comes in A4 and A3 sizes.  This can easily be printed letter size too. When you register on The Arty Teacher you can download up to 3 of the...
Single Point Rubric

Assessing a Drawing – Single Point Rubric

A single point rubric is a great way to simplify assessment.  Stick this rubric on the back of work or at the bottom of a sketchbook page.  Use it to assess the work yourself...


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