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List of Natural Forms Artists

Wouldn't it be great to have a beautifully presented list of natural forms artists to have at your fingertips, or to hand to a student should they be researching that theme?  Oh, hang on...

Art Skills Module

This one page, editable Word document, is an overview of a four-week art skills module, designed to help students make the leap from GCSE to A Level.  This would be a suitable introductory course...

Elements of Art Sketchbook Page

You want your students to be able to create one of those cool Elements of Art sketchbook pages that you see on Pinterest, that are all gorgeously doodled on with illustrations that reflect the...

The Colour Wheel

A basic, free color wheel which shows primary, secondary and tertiary colours. There are two versions of the same document.  One with the spelling 'color' and one with 'colour'.   To access free resources simply register and verify your...

Key Words List

You will use this Key Words list again and again.  It's a great way to help and encourage students to use a broader vocabulary in your art lessons, and a simple way to incorporate...

Carrie Ann Schumacher Paper Sculpture

This is a presentation about the paper dresses made by artist Carrie Ann Schumacher - an ideal artist to look at if you wish to do a paper sculpture project.  It includes a script...


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