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Lilies to Colour

Lilies to Colour

Art Teachers - you know what to do with this! Gradate watercolour or coloured pencils.  Practise blending pastels, trace them, collage them!  You're only limited by your own imagination! This is a one-page resource.  There...
William Morris Designs

William Morris Designs

This download includes the 4 pages of William Morris designs pictured above. As you can see, two pages show a selection of patterns and two pages show samples of patterns in progress. William Morris was...
Sarah Graham Presentation

Sarah Graham Presentation

This is the official, artist-approved, presentation about the work of artist Sarah Graham.  Famous for her brightly coloured, hyper-realistic oil paintings, she is the perfect artist to introduce your students to if you are...
what is a collgraph?

What is a Collagraph?

This 4 slide PowerPoint makes an excellent start to a lesson and clearly informs your students what a collagraph is.  The slides explain keywords and introduce the artist Glen Alps who invented the collagraph. ...
November Photo Challenge

November Photo Challenge 2021

Inspire your students to take a photograph every day this November with this list of prompts. When you register on The Arty Teacher you can download up to 3 of the resources that are categorised as free every month.
List of War Artists

List of War Artists

Inspired by my student who is completing a project on 'Conflict', I have compiled this comprehensive list of 55 war artists. When you register on The Arty Teacher you can download up to 3 of the resources...


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