Differentiation in Art

Differentiation in Art

In the summer I was asked by the Art Education Association of New Jersey to contribute some professional development for their members about differentiation in art, so I created the video below.  This was...
using showbie in art lessons

5 Ways to Use Showbie for Art Lessons

Using Showbie for art lessons is a solution for online learning.  I have found Showbie is the perfect platform for art teachers as for each child you can see a progression of their work...
Zoom Art Lessons

Zoom Art Lessons

Zoom Art Lessons present a whole new challenge for teachers.  I can’t think of a subject more difficult to teach using Zoom than art.  Additionally, I can’t think of another subject where more one-to-one teaching...

What is Cultural Capital?

What is cultural capital? In educational terms, it refers to the bank of cultural experiences that students can gain from different cultural opportunities.  E.g. Gallery visits, historic visits, music lessons, IT skills, dance lesson...
How to Build a Good Rapport with Students

How to Build a Good Rapport with Students

Knowing how to build a good rapport with students is useful knowledge and seems to come naturally to some teachers.  If this is something you'd like to develop, there are some useful tips below. Smile There...
5 Ways to Teach Year 10 When They Return

5 Ways to Teach Year 10 When They Return to The Art Department

It’s human to worry about things that might not happen. At the moment there is a lot we don’t know. It appears likely that year 10 will be the first year group to return...

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