'Open Aperture' by Paul Matte

Book Review: ‘Open Aperture’ by Paul Matte

I have been lucky enough to be sent a copy of the photography book ‘Open Aperture.  The Evolution of Photography in an Abstract World’ by its author Paul Matte.  I’m really pleased that it...

Art Venn Diagram Maker

I'm so excited about this!  When you subscribe to 10 resources a month, you also get access to my online art Venn diagram maker.  Watch the video to learn more: https://youtu.be/jGk8Lev9K7E Use it to compare two...

Christmas Art Gifts

If you are looking for some Christmas art gifts for your arty friends (or for yourself) there are some great ideas below. You might be planning to be creative over the Christmas break.  Here...

Winter Art Lessons & Projects

I love it when students don't realise they're learning.  When they walk through the door in the few weeks before the winter break and say 'Are we doing something fun' or 'Can we do...
Autumn Art Lessons

Autumn Art Lessons

I really enjoy delivering Autumn art lessons.  It's a good idea to get students to respond to the world around them and a great excuse for observational drawing and colour mixing.  The resources below...

Comfortable Shoes for Teaching

The subject of comfortable shoes seems to come up on my Facebook home page every few months. It seems we want something super-comfy that allows us to be on our feet all day.  This...

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