What will you find on The Arty Teacher?

Are the free resources really free and how do I access them?

Yup! Free resources really are free. Yippee! Simply register and you will be able to download 3 each month. You will not get charged a single bean. At the time of writing this there are 70 to choose from. You can find the free subscription here.

Receipts and Invoices

No problem. You will automatically be sent a receipt for purchasing single resources or subscriptions.

If you are a subscriber, you can download invoices for every monthly or annual payment by going to your ‘Purchase History’ which you’ll find under your username.

Accessing Previous Downloads

You can access your previous downloads.  Single purchases and subscription downloads are accessed in different ways.  Read on…


Links in your receipt last for 48hrs.  But fear not my art teacher friend!  If you have created an account, you can access all your previous downloads under your Username.  Click on ‘Purchase History’ and then ‘View Details and Downloads’.  For a walk-through, watch the video below.


You can re-download your subscription downloads for as long as you remain a subscriber.  Simply select ‘Subscription Downloads’ and then ‘View Details’ which you’ll find under your username.  For a walk-through, watch the this quick video.

Can I create WishLists and Where Can I Find Them?

You can add any resource to a wishlist by clicking on ‘Add to Wishlist’ which you’ll find under the price of the resource.  You can create as many wishlists as you wish!  Some people create just one, others create them for different themes or terms/semesters.

To see your wishlists you need to log in and you will find the menu item ‘Wishlists’ under your username.

On a mobile, tablet or very small laptop, you’ll see three lines in the left-hand corner (this is called a hamburger menu).  Click on this menu, and then next to your username you will see a small down arrow.  Click on that and you will find wishlists.

You need to be logged in to see wishlists.


I’ve bought a resource on my mobile phone but now I can’t find it?

Depending on your device type, your downloads may go straight to your ‘Files’, ‘My Files’ or ‘Downloads’ App. There is also a link to your download in the receipt that is automatically emailed to you.  The link remains live for 48hrs.

If your phone is really old you may need to save your resource.  When you see the resource on your screen you may just be looking at it in your browser.  You need to save it somewhere like Dropbox, Google Drive or Files, or email it to yourself.  To do any of these things, you need to click on the share button when you view it in your browser.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.


Can I pay monthly?

Yessiree, you can pay monthly or annually.  If you love a bargain, paying annually is the best value.

How do I subscribe?

You simply add the monthly or annual subscription to your cart and go through the checkout.  Once you’ve done that you will be able to download up to 10 resources every month. Find out more here.

Can my school pay?

Yes, of course.  Lots of art teachers get their school to pay.  The easiest way to do this is to create an account for yourself (perhaps you already have one) and then give your finance department your log on details and then let them log on as you and buy the annual subscription using a card.  The receipt will include a link to an invoice so your finance department will be happy.

Can you send my school an invoice?

When your school purchase a subscription the receipt will include a link to an invoice.  If you need an invoice in advance please get in touch and I will send you one.  You can contact me here: info@theartyteacher.com

You can find all your historic invoices for every monthly or annual payment by going to your ‘Purchase History’ which you’ll find under your username.

How does my school subscription work?

If you have bought a school subscription, ‘Manage School Subscriptions’ will appear as a menu item.  Click on this to add additional users to the subscription.  This will create an account for them and send them an email to create a password. Easy peasy, simple pimple.

If they already have an account this will prevent you being able to add them.  Simply let me know and I will delete their exisiting account so you can add them.

There is a video here that shows you how to add a user to your school subscription.

I’ve paid for a subscription but I’m getting the message that I’ve reached my limit of 3. I thought I got 10 resources.

You will only get that message if you are trying to download a free resource and you have reached your limit of 3.

I’ve paid for a subscription but can’t access free resources.

If you’ve gone straight for a paid subscription it doesn’t automatically add the free subscription to your account.  If you add the free subscription to your account you can download 3 free resources on top of your 10 priced resources. Booyah!

It’s the 1st of the month but I can’t access more resources.

Your subscription will renew each month on the day you bought it.  So if you subscribe on the 9th it will renew each month on the 9th.

Do the downloads carry over to the next month?

No, the subscription is for up to 10 resources a month.  Some people routinely download 10 every month, others dip in as and when they need them.  It does state this on the receipt when you subscribe.

I’ve downloaded the same resource twice by mistake. Will it count as two downloads?

Yes, it will count as two downloads but fear not!  Let me know I will increase your download limit to make up for any duplicates.

What if I subscribe on the 30th or 31st and the following month doesn’t have those dates?

PayPal will change the renewal date to the 1st as soon as the renewal date no longer exists for a particular month.

Stripe will use the last day of the month.

How do I unsubscribe?

I don’t want to see you go but unsubscribing is easy.


How to cancel depends on if you paid by card or Paypal.  Scroll down for Paypal.


If you have paid by card, simply go to your username, select ‘My Subscriptions’ and click the word ‘Cancel’ that you’ll find next to your subscription.

If you can’t see this, scroll down and read on.



If you are on a small device or laptop or PC with a small screen, you’ll see a hamburger menu (three parallel lines) in the left-hand corner.  Click on these to reveal the menu below. Click on the small arrow next to your username. (Yes, on the arrow, not the username).

If your username isn’t there, you are not logged in.



The small arrow reveals the menu below.  Click on ‘My Subscriptions’ and click the word ‘Cancel’ that you’ll find next to your subscription.



If you have paid by PayPal, you can email me to unsubscribe you.  I need a few days’ notice as per my T&C’s.

If you are in a hurry to unsubscribe you can cancel your PayPal payment by going to PayPal Settings > Payments > Manage Your Automatic Payments.