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Creative Writing

Creative Writing – Brain Starters

I wasn't sure about posting this as it's more of a creative writing resource than an art one, although I know you creative people will be able to put it to good use.  This...

Teaching Ceramics – Definition Matching Cards – Ceramic Terms

Teaching ceramics involves using a lot of subject specific language. This resource is a fantastic starter activity to consolidate the learning of ceramic terms.  Students work in groups to match the word with the...
Definition Cards for Color Theory

Definition Cards for Color Theory

https://youtu.be/xx5rG1vZXfU Use these definition cards for color theory as a starter to your lesson.  They will consolidate learning of colour theory and can be used for group work. Print and laminate the sheets and then cut...

The Portraits Game – Starter

Get your students really looking at portraits and answering questions with 'The Portraits Game' starter activity.  Students have to match six clues to six portraits by famous artists.  Each clue also includes a question...

Post-It Note Pedagogy for Art

Post-it Note Pedagogy for Art! These many strategies, which come as a PDF document, are art specific ways that help you incorporate assessment, peer assessment, starters, plenaries and group work into your lessons. They are...

Starters & Plenaries for Art Lessons

17 super-useful starters and plenaries that can be used in Art lessons, again and again.  Many have been designed to use in ANY art lesson and include recapping, target setting, art analysis, explaining processes...


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