The Arty Teacher Mission Statement

  • To provide quality, inspiring and visually appealing art resources for Art Teachers around the globe at an affordable subscription price, that help reduce workload and facilitate a work/life balance.
  • To publish informative and educational blog posts that improve Art Teacher subject knowledge and cover pedagogical and inspirational topics.

Who is The Arty Teacher?

The Arty Teacher is Sarah Crowther, an experienced Art Teacher who has worked in a variety of different settings.  Being part of a team that achieved Art School Status and integrating iPads into the Art Curriculum have been part of her remit.  She is a member of NSEAD and has been a guest Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University lecturing to their trainee teachers on the use of iPads and ebooks in the Art Room.

“My enthusiasm for teaching has never waned.  I am a life-long-learner and I love trying new ideas and strategies to keep my teaching fresh.  I have always loved making resources and am delighted that they are being used around the world is so many different countries”

Should you have any feedback about any aspect of The Arty Teacher, we would love to hear from you.  Contact us at info@theartyteacher.com

What will you find here…?


Lesson plans, activities, units of work, worksheets, assessment and marking resources, all available at the touch of a button. Try searching ‘early finishers’ or ‘exit tickets’ or ‘mark making’. All the resources are well tagged to make them easy to find.

Cover / Sub Lessons

Never panic again. Just download the resource you need, all of which include a beautifully presented lesson plan.

Image Library

Hundreds of images, all ideal for drawing, painting, 3D and textile projects.

Artists Presentations

You will find presentations about artists old and new in this section of the site, many of which are free. Each one comes with a script turning you into the instant expert.

Why Subscribe?

When you subscribe to The Arty Teacher you can download 10 resources a month from the different sections of the site listed above.  You’ll soon build up a bank of resources that will last all your career. New resources are uploaded every month which gives you new ideas and saves you hours and hours of planning time.  Click here to learn more about Subscribing to The Arty Teacher.

Latest Resourses

Zentangle Alphabet – Complete Alphabet for Your Class

Zentangle Alphabet! Now your whole class can choose the letter of their name and create a beautiful zentangle.  This zentangle alphabet download includes: All 26 letters of the alphabet similar to the A, B,...
Draw the Butterfly

Draw the Butterfly Sub/Cover Lesson

Draw the Butterfly sub/cover lesson is a super-useful download and will link to lots of projects you already teach.  Perhaps you already have an insect project or natural forms project?  However, it also works...

Miniature Drawing Project

https://youtu.be/GJm1CwsRFgk Miniature Drawing Project. This mini unit of work will fill four or five lessons and asks your students to practise drawing small objects in different media, make a tiny concertina book and then fill it...

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