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Draw the Missing Half of the Spider

This one-page resource is a useful drawing resource especially if you are delivering an insect art project.  Use it as homework, classwork or extension activity. There is a version for the UK which uses the...

Observational Drawing Title

A single page with the words 'Observational Drawing' repeated.  This has been created to be used as a title in sketchbooks.  It's a great way to embed literacy and make an attractive sketchbook page. ...

Drawing Cats – Close-up of Cats

Drawing Cats! This one-page worksheet will delight your students when you ask them to draw the beautiful close-ups of cats. There are lots of animal art resources on The Arty Teacher.

Drawing Eyes with Different Media

https://youtu.be/QcIeq3EP9mI Drawing eyes with different media is a download that encourages accurate observational drawing and experimenting with different media.  This download includes: An eyes reference sheet in colour An eyes reference sheet in black and...
drawing bees

Drawing Bees

Drawing bees is an appealing art resource that asks students to draw the bees in different media.  Excellent, inspiring examples are included.  This download has 4 pages and includes: Drawing bees worksheet with all...

Mark Making Worksheet

A super-useful mark making worksheet for teaching experimental drawing.  Ideas: Use one or two squares as a starter/bell ringer to each lesson of a drawing project. Use as a homework worksheet Ask students to...


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