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Drawing Ballet Shoes

Drawing Ballet Shoes

'Drawing Ballet Shoes' is a download that includes 3 worksheets containing high-resolution images of ballet shoes.  Ideal to teach detailed, observational drawing. There are lots of drawing shoes art lessons on The Arty Teacher website.
Photographing and Drawing Texture Cover

Photographing & Drawing Texture – Hybrid or Distance Learning

This ‘Photographing & Drawing Texture’ download asks your students to take photographs of texture, draw a grid and then draw their photos in the grid.  There is no need for students to print this...
mark making animals

Mark Making Animals

Mark Making Animals!  These delightful animal images by illustrator Olga Gamynina are ideal for teaching your students mark making.  This download includes: A page with 4 images and information about Olga Gamynina. 3 worksheets...
Drawing Pineapple

Drawing Pineapple

This one-page drawing pineapple resource is a superb way of teaching your students drawing skills.  There are two versions of this resource, one with that uses the term 'tones' and one that uses the...
Stippling Crab Art Lesson

Stippling Crab Art Lesson

This stippling crab art lesson is ideal for all your 'under the sea' or crustacean art projects.  This download includes: A one-page worksheet for students which includes a definition for students, good examples and...
Drawing Reflections Cover

Drawing Reflections

Drawing reflections is an inspiring and challenging subject matter. These two worksheets contain 6 high-resolution images of reflections for your students to draw.  Give students a whole worksheet or cut them up and let...


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