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Miniature Drawing Project

https://youtu.be/GJm1CwsRFgk Miniature Drawing Project. This mini unit of work will fill four or five lessons and asks your students to practise drawing small objects in different media, make a tiny concertina book and then fill it...

Close-Ups – Drawing Cogs & Clock Mechanisms

The inner workings of clocks are so appealing to draw.  Drawing cogs and clock mechanisms is a good challenge.  This one-page close-ups of clock parts worksheet will keep your students engaged and busy. There are...

Mark Making Cubes – Teach Mark Making

Using this 'Mark Making Cubes' project is a great way to teach mark making and results in a striking display.  Each student applies gradated mark making to a cube net and then creates a...

Drawing A Freaky Collage Face

Drawing a collage! This exciting unit of work asks your students to create a collage and then draw it.  Not only that, it asks your students to work in a variety of different media. ...
autumn art

Autumn Art – Drawing and Painting Details

These 3 'Autumn Art' resource sheets capture the essence of autumn.  With 9 photographs on a page, you will have 27 images to inspire your students.  Beautiful autumnal leaves, rose hips, brambles, snails and...

Fun Drawing Project: Drawing Biscuits

This fun drawing project, which gets your students to draw biscuits in either pencil, coloured pencil or both, is ideal for individual or group work.  This comprehensive resource comes with: A picture of an...


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