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Drawing Texture Resource

This drawing texture resource asks students to draw textures they have observed in the two accompanying texture resource sheets.  It's an ideal activity to integrate into teaching the formal elements.

Strips & Circle Value/Tone Lesson

This resource enables you to teach your students that tone/value can create depth.  It also encourages your students to experiment with different media in the three circles.  This download includes the good example pictured...

Marking a Drawing

When I'm tired, marking a drawing takes twice as long.  This useful list of comments, questions and statements really helps me mark more quickly, as it does the thinking for me! It suggests you write...

Drawing Denim Resource

Appealing close-ups of denim provide a fantastic challenge for your students.   There is also a photo-bank of denim image here.

Draw the Missing Sections of Shell

Learning Objective: To draw accurately with a range of tones. A useful sheet for any shell or natural forms project.

Natural Forms – Close-Ups Bundle

There are 3 natural forms art resources in this great value bundle. This bundle will keep your students engaged and occupied as they draw the detailed close-ups of natural forms.  The high-resolution images encourage detailed...


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