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Red Cabbage Observational Drawing

Drawing Red Cabbage

It's a classic but a goodie.  Drawing red cabbage!  You'll use this one-page download again and again. There are lots of drawing resources and drawing food resources on The Arty Teacher.
Matches Observational Drawing

Matches Observational Drawing

This matches observational drawing worksheet encourages detailed, accurate drawing.  Great for an everyday objects project or even a sub/cover lesson.  This is a one-page downloads.
early finishers

Early Finishers Extension Task – Tiny Things to Draw

An extension activity is a task that you can give to your early finishers.  This 'Tiny Things to Draw' resource is ideal to have at hand and can be used again and again.  You...
Fossils to Draw

Fossils to Draw

Three pages of fossils to draw or respond creatively to.
Drawing Features of the Face From Magazines

Drawing Features of the Face From Magazines

Have you always wanted to do one of those cool pages you see on Pinterest where students draw from magazines like the example above? Only when you look through magazines you can't find enough...
Drawing Citrus Fruit with Different Media

Drawing Citrus Fruit with Different Media

Drawing Citrus Fruit with Different Media is a one-page resource that includes three different tasks.  Using the high-definition photos on the worksheet, students are asked to draw using pencil, coloured pencil and pen. Use...


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