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Creating Value

This is a classic resource that asks student to shade the letters and get gradually darker as they go across.  The resource asks them to do this in pencil, colored pencil and pointillism. There is...
drawing eyes

Drawing Eyes

'Drawing Eyes' is 3 worksheets with beautiful eyes all looking in different directions.  6 photos to draw in total.  This could be for one student to work in a range of media or you...

Old, Wrinkled Eyes for Drawing

'Old, Wrinkled Eyes for Drawing' is a one-page resource which encourages wonderfully detailed drawing.  Why are wrinkles so appealing?  There 4 versions of this one-page resource. For the UK: The wording is Shading, Tone, Detail, Accuracy. ...

Drawing Reptile Eyes – Drawing Animals

This 'Drawing Reptile Eyes' resource provides your students with a real challenge! My students have found these lizard eyes very appealing and there is lots of detail and values to include. This one-page resource comes...

Leonardo Da Vinci – Monstrous Faces

This Leonardo Da Vinci worksheet asks students to copy the monstrous face.  For really great results, why not ask your students to use brown pencil or brown ink?  This one-page resource has a little...

Negative Space in Art – Teaching Drawing

How do you teach students about negative space in Art?  These three differentiated worksheets are the answer.  The task for students is to draw the shapes between the twigs.  Ideal if you are teaching...


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