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Negative Space in Art

How do you teach students about negative space in Art?  These two differentiated worksheets are the answer.  The task for students is to draw the shapes between the twigs.  An invaluable lesson in their...

Drawing Shells – Close-Ups

Drawing Shells. Three detailed shell drawings and just one lot of marking!  Encourage your students to make detailed, textural drawings with these beautiful shells. Search Shell Resource on The Arty Teacher. Search Close-Ups on The Arty...

Walnut Images / Natural Forms

4 pages of beautiful walnut images.  Ideal for natural forms projects.  These would make great connections with the artist Peter Randall Page.
Beetles Art Resource

Beetles Art Resource

This Beetles Art Resource includes 7 pages of high-resolution images of beetles.  Your students will have lots of choice and really engage with these detailed, colourful images of beetles.  What a great starting point...

Halloween Skull Art Resource Bundle

This Halloween Skull Art Resource Bundle, groups together 5 of my popular skull resources that are suitable for using in the run-up to Halloween or on the day itself.  This bundle is £6.99 when individually...

Drawing Texture Resource

This drawing texture resource asks students to draw textures they have observed in the two accompanying texture resource sheets within the letters of the word 'Texture'.  It's an ideal activity to integrate the formal...


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