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Collaborative Spider Artwork

Collaborative Spider Artwork (Insects)

With this collaborative spider artwork, students work in groups with each student drawing a piece of the spider which then fits together to create a large artwork.  The lesson plan suggests you use charcoal...
Observational Drawing of Fish

Observational Drawing of Fish

This three-page download includes high-resolution drawings of fish that are exciting to draw and could be drawn in a range of different media. There are many more fish and under the sea art resources on The...
Drawing Garlic

Drawing Garlic

Drawing garlic! A one-page resource for drawing garlic. Improve your student’s observational drawing skills. Why not work in different media? There are many drawing art lessons on The Arty Teacher website.  This resource also links well...
Still Life Close-Ups

Still Life Close-Ups

'Still Life Close-Ups' is a useful, one-page worksheet to have in your back pocket as many of us teach still life at some point.  This would be a useful extension task or homework task. There...
Drawing a crab in different media

Drawing a Crab with Different Media

Drawing a crab with different media is an ideal resource if you want your students to experiment with a wide range of media in a short period of time.  It also gets them working...
Ammonites Home Learning Cover

Ammonite Art Distance Learning

Ammonite Art Distance Learning is an 8-page download, pictured above.  This art resource asks students to draw an ammonite in pencil, draw one in pen and then paint an ammonite using instant coffee of...


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