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The Arty Teacher Unveils “Artists in Schools” Database

(Bolton, Greater Manchester) The Arty Teacher, a leading platform for art educators and a thriving community of artists and teachers, is proud to announce the launch of its newest feature, the “Artists in Schools” database. This remarkable addition enhances the platform’s commitment to fostering creativity and collaboration in the field of art education.

The Arty Teacher has gone from strength to strength as both a successful business and a vibrant community for art educators. It offers a subscription-based service with an extensive collection of over 700 downloadable resources and a thriving blog, making it a go-to resource for art teachers worldwide.

Sarah Crowther, founder of The Arty Teacher, explains, “My mission is to support and inspire art teachers and students globally. I’ve been growing as a platform, and I am committed to bringing innovative solutions to the art education community.”

The “Artists in Schools” Database: Connecting Creativity

The “Artists in Schools” database is an exciting new feature, offered completely free for artists who offer workshops in schools to showcase their work and for teachers to discover and connect with these creative minds. It’s a bridge between the world of art education and the vibrant community of artists who are eager to engage with schools. This database promises to be an invaluable resource for art educators, offering a unique opportunity to collaborate with artists in their classrooms and bring fresh perspectives to their teaching.

Sarah Crowther emphasises, “My ‘Artists in Schools’ database is all about connecting educators with artists, fostering creativity, and enhancing the learning experience for students. I believe that by building these connections, we can create a more dynamic and engaging art education environment.”

See the Artists in Schools database.

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The Arty Teacher isn’t just a website; it’s a dynamic and ever-evolving community dedicated to nurturing the creative spirit of educators and artists worldwide. The platform is open to art teachers, artists, and anyone passionate about art education. By becoming part of this community, you gain access to a world of inspiration, resources, and collaboration opportunities.

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About The Arty Teacher: The Arty Teacher is a thriving platform for art educators, boasting a vast collection of resources, a successful blog, and a vibrant community of art teachers.  Founded by Sarah Crowther, The Arty Teacher is committed to nurturing creativity, collaboration, and innovation in the field of art education.

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