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Self-Assessing Ceramics

A ceramics self-assessment worksheet for summative self-assessment.  This visually appealing one-page ceramics self-assessment resource is for students to self-assess their work at the end of a ceramics project. The sheet asks them to write...

Art Exit Tickets for Choice Based Learning

These art exit tickets are ideal for choice-based art.  They are a great way to assess your student's progress and engagement.  They can be used with a wide age range and ask the following...

Peer Marking and Self-Assessing Observational Drawing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQOUayWw5J0 Choose to get your students to peer mark or self-assess their drawing.  This simple sheet asks questions that help your students to evaluate their own work. There are lots of Assessment Resources for Art Teachers...

Marking a Drawing

When I'm tired, marking a drawing takes twice as long.  This useful list of comments, questions and statements really helps me mark more quickly, as it does the thinking for me! It suggests you write...
Personal Tutorials Art

Personal Tutorial

This personal tutorial for Art form will make your meetings with students efficient and targeted.  There are two similar versions so you can choose which best suites your needs. One with the sections: What has...
assessing a drawing rubric

Assessing A Drawing Rubric

This assessing a drawing rubric is excellent for peer and self-assessment, or just to let your students know at the start of a project what you will be looking for when you mark their...


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