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Halloween Demon Art Resource

Teach your students how to use different media with this one-page Halloween demon art resource.  Use this as a Halloween resource or as a great way to engage boys.  The good example that is...
Halloween Pumpkins Art Resource

Halloween Pumpkins Art Resource – Watercolour

Use this Halloween pumpkins art resource to teach your students how to gradate watercolour.  This one-page resource includes instructions on the bottom and you could even watch this video on how to gradate watercolour....

Zentangles Pumpkin – Ideal for Halloween

This zentangles pumpkin lesson has everything your students need on one worksheet.  A beautiful pumpkin, a short written instruction and some good example zentangle patterns.  It also comes with a lesson plan, so you...

Analysing an Artwork – Bedroom in Arles by Van Gogh

Analysing an artwork is a key skill for students! Teach your students how to analyse an artwork using this one-page worksheet.  It uses Blooms Taxonomy to create higher-order thinking questions that cover describing, understanding,...

Pop Art Fortune Teller – Colour & Research

This Pop Art fortune teller is a fun way to get your students to research Pop Art Facts.  After colouring and making the fortune teller, students use the internet or books to research the...

Watercolour/Watercolor Self-Assessment

(There are two versions of this resource with the different spellings of watercolor/watercolour) A watercolour project self-assessment worksheet for summative self-assessment.  This visually appealing one-page watercolor self-assessment resource is for students to self-assess their work...


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