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Painting Leaves Art Lesson

Leaves for Painting

This useful one-page download of leaves could be used for teaching how to gradate watercolour or coloured pencils.  The page has no instruction on it, so it's open to your creative input. There are lots...
Hundertwasser Art Project

Hundertwasser Art Project – Painting Unit of Work

This comprehensive Hundertwasser Art Project guides students through creating a research page on Hundertwasser and then creating a watercolour painting.  The step-by-step photos in the PowerPoint (pictured above) really help students succeed.  This...
Choice Board Elements of Art

Choice Board – The Elements of Art

This is a choice board for the elements of art.  This download includes: A one-page choice board with 12 ideas for projects which each link to one or more of the elements of art. ...
Drawing Reflections Cover

Drawing Reflections

Drawing reflections is an inspiring and challenging subject matter. These two worksheets contain 6 high-resolution images of reflections for your students to draw.  Give students a whole worksheet or cut them up and let...
Digital Shell Drawing Cover

Digital Shell Drawing

Three beautifully presented pages guide your students through the task of creating a digital shell drawing using the free Adobe Illustrator Draw App.  Students will then be able to transfer these skills to a...
Surrealism Art Lesson

Surrealism Art Lesson – Fish Eye

This one-page Surrealism Art Lesson asks your students to create a drawing that combines an eye with a fish.  This task is within keeping of Surrealist traditions where artists would transform one object into...


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