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Drawing Fruit Distance Learning

Drawing Fruit Distance Learning – No Need to Print/Easy to Email

'Drawing Fruit Distance Learning' has been designed so students view it on a computer or device and complete the tasks.  No need to print! This resource asks students to complete the following but as...
Aperture and Shutter Speed Explained

Aperture and Shutter Speed Explained

'Aperture and Shutter Speed Explained' is an illustrated, one-page resource that is ideal to use with students when first introducing these terms.  It explains these fundamental photography terms in layman's terms. There are more photography...
Surrealism Art Lesson

Surrealism Art Lesson – Dali Inspired Clock

If you are looking for a surrealism art lesson this Dali-inspired melting-clock grid drawing ticks all the boxes.  Students copy the clock into the distorted grid to create a clock that appears like it...
Christmas Stippling Angel

Christmas Stippling Angel

This Christmas stippling angel is a fun end of term activity.  Students choose one of the angels to draw and them complete it using stippling.  This is a two-page resource both of which are...
Distortion Grid Drawing

Distortion Grid Drawing

This one-page download called 'Distortion Grid Drawing' asks students to copy the word 'Distortion' into the distorted grid.  It is an excellent introduction to how a grid can be used to distort words or...
christmas art project

Christmas Art Project – Christmas Baubles

https://youtu.be/jWAi5WnzzjA This short Christmas art project creates a beautiful artwork and enables you to teach about hot and cold colours and how they can be used to create contrast. It also gives your students the...


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