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Gargoyles Image Bank

Drawing gargoyles! Painting gargoyles!  This image bank of gargoyles within a PowerPoint presentation is ideal for all your gargoyle art projects. Over 45 slides of gargoyles which give your students a wide choice to choose...

List of Insect Artists

Wouldn't it be great to be able to put your fingers on a list of insect artists?  Well, here it is! 17 artists who feature insects in their work.  It includes painters, sculptors, photographers...

Drawing Eyes with Different Media

https://youtu.be/QcIeq3EP9mI Drawing eyes with different media is a download that encourages accurate observational drawing and experimenting with different media.  This download includes: An eyes reference sheet in colour An eyes reference sheet in black and...

Textile Artist Cas Holmes Presentation

I'm delighted to make available to you the official, artist-approved, presentation on textile artist Cas Holmes. This 18 slide presentation explores, through questioning, the themes in Holmes work.  It then goes on to examine her...

Elephant Eye Grid Drawing

This elephant eye grid drawing, with all its lines and detail, really lends itself to teaching your students how to use a grid.  It's great for encouraging accurate drawing and using a broad range...

Marbles Drawing and Painting Image Bank

Marbles Drawing and Painting Image Bank is a beautiful collection of photographs.  Why not use them as a starting point for a still life drawing and painting project? 13 high-resolution images of marbles.  There are...


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