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Rose Grid Drawing

Beautiful rose grid drawing.  Ideal for improving your student's observational drawing skills and for making links to Georgia O'Keeffe. Have you seen all the Grid Drawings on The Arty Teacher?

L-Shaped Viewfinder

An L-shaped viewfinder is the most flexible choice of viewfinder as it doesn't limit your students to a particular rectangle or square.  It gives them the flexibility to try different dimensions.  Simply cut out...

Graffiti Slogans

This download includes 11 pages of different Graffiti slogans which use appropriate graffiti fonts.  Each slogan is taken from a real piece of Graffiti artwork. Each font is an outline, so it is suitable...

Elements & Principles Word Search

A super-useful elements and principles word search.  Ideal to include literacy in your lessons and great for early finishers.

Coke Can Grid Drawing

This coke can grid drawing provides your students with a real challenge!  It will advance your students drawing skills as there is a good range of tones/values and it has lots of detail. This would...

Fox Grid Drawing 2

A beautiful fox grid drawing to engage and challenge your students. Ideal for animal art projects. Try searching Animal Art Resources on The Arty Teacher.


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