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The Knot Challenge – A Drawing Challenge Sub/Cover Lesson

This is a drawing challenge for your students!  The knot challenge asks your students to draw the knot.  You could use this to teach drawing or use is as a sub/cover lesson. It includes...

Photographing & Drawing Close-Ups – Home Learning

This 'Photographing & Drawing Close-Ups' download asks your students to take photographs which are close-ups, draw a grid and then draw their photos in the grid.  Allowing one lesson to photograph, one lesson to...
Georgia O'Keeffe

Georgia O’Keeffe Flower Inspired Worksheets

Two beautiful pages of roses to draw or paint, inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe  The writing on the worksheet is about O'Keeffe so you can use these as you see fit.  Why not: Work in...

Father’s Day Zentangle Card

This is a fantastic lesson if you want your students to be really creative when they make a Father's Day zentangle card.  This resource includes the three pages pictured above: A good example worksheet...
Picasso Paper Cut-Outs

Picasso Paper Cut-Outs

https://youtu.be/IzYCx-tDYug Picasso Paper Cut-Outs, as the video above has shown, helps your students create wonderful Picasso inspired paper sculptures.  This download includes the following: 4 Picasso inspired templates to cut out (pictured above). A lesson plan ...
Mandala Art

Mandala Art Created with Objects

'Mandala Art' is a 4-page resource (pictured above) which asks your students to create a research page on mandalas and then create a mandala out of objects.  Two good examples are included, one made...


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