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Gargoyle Grid Drawings

Gargoyle Grid Drawings

3 gargoyle grid drawings that are excellent for teaching detailed, tonal drawing. There are two versions of each grid drawing.  One with the grid in place and one where there are tiny marks around the...

Drawing Natural Forms – Close-Ups

Encourage detailed drawing and the use of different media with these 3 natural forms worksheets. Ideal for drawing and painting projects.   There are lots of natural forms art resources on The Arty Teacher.

Find, Find, Choose – Artist Research Hunt

Artist Research Hunt!  Ideal for home learning. This two-page art resource asks students to search for artists on the internet.  There are 9 groups of artists they need to collect.  For example 10 artist who...
Art Extension Task

Art Extension Task – 8 Mini Grid Drawings of Eyes

This art extension task of 8 mini grid drawings of eyes, is ideal to have ready for those students who finish before others and need to be kept meaningfully busy.  Print these on good...

Painting and Drawing Skulls Unit of Work

Painting and Drawing skulls is big unit of work that has been written for older students (perhaps age 14/15) who are embarking on an independent course of study.  Ideal for Year 10 in the...
Photography Scavenger Hunt

Photography Scavenger Hunt – Finding Green

This photography scavenger hunt is an ideal home learning challenge.  It takes one lesson to complete and asks students to go and photograph things that are green.  It then asks students to place their...


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