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Fox Grid Drawing

Beautiful fox grid drawing that will engage and challenge your students.  Ideal for animal art projects. Try searching Animal Art Resources on The Arty Teacher.

Zentangles Inspiration!

5 pages of Zentangles to inspire your students and for all your Zentangle needs. Engage students with detailed, repeat pattern, zentangles.

Walnut Images / Natural Forms

4 pages of beautiful walnut images.  Ideal for natural forms projects.  These would make great connections with the artist Peter Randall Page.

Artists Listed by Theme

Artists listed by Theme is a page on The Arty Teacher website where artists are categorised into different groups.  It's super-useful if your students have been given an exam paper or just want to research...

Feathers Zentangles

A wonderfully appealing zentangles exercise where students fill in the feathers with different zentangles.  This resource comes with the worksheet which shows a good example, a lesson plan and 3 zentangles sheets for inspiration.

How to Fold a Christmas Snowflake

Have you ever wondered why you can't create a paper snowflake as good as the ones you see on the internet? It's all in the way you fold it!  If you fold your paper...


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