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Pencil Sharpener Grid Drawings

Pencil Sharpener Grid Drawings

4 Pencil Sharpener Grid Drawings. There are two versions of each grid drawing.  One with the grid in place and one where there are tiny marks around the edge of the square so that students...
Art Display Keywords

Art Display Keywords – Art Literacy

'Art Display Keywords' is a download that should be part of your art literacy strategy.  Having keywords on your displays is a simple way to help build your student's subject-specific language.  This resource includes...
Christmas Paper Sculpture

Christmas Paper Sculpture Art Lesson

https://youtu.be/qYeaP-Sk49I This Christmas Paper Sculpture art lesson is ideal for teaching your students about paper sculpture and for them to practise their paper cutting skills either with a craft knife or scissors.  This download includes: ...

Junk Mail Notan Collage – Home or Hybrid Art Project

'Junk Mail Notan' is the perfect project for distance learning as it only required scissors, junk mail or old magazines and glue.  Your students don't even need to print the resource, just view it...
Draw the Kiwi Slice

Draw the Kiwi Slice in Coloured Pencil Sub Lesson

Draw the Kiwi Slice sub lesson asks student's to create an accurate observational drawing of the kiwi slice using coloured pencil.  This download includes: A one-page worksheet pictured above.  There are versions for the...

Drawing and Collaging a Kiwi US Hybrid Teaching

There is a US and a UK version of 'Drawing and Collaging a Kiwi' to account for different uses of the words tone/value and colour/color. This project has been made for hybrid teaching.  It's easy...


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