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How to Paint Like Monet

How to Paint Like Monet

Teach your students how to paint like Monet.  These three worksheets contain high-resolution details of Monet’s work.  Ideal for students to analyse and to show how he layers the paint.  Simply ask students to...

Painting a Fish on a Pebble

A step-by-step guide to painting a fish on a pebble with acrylic.  This visually appealing resource breaks down the process into easy to follow steps.  This encourages your students to work logically and independently. I...

Animal Skin Textures

A useful page of animal skin textures to simulate drawing, painting or textile projects. To see more texture resources click here.

Pointillism Eye Unit of Work

This creative Pointillism Eye unit of work, teaches students about Pointillism, Seurat and optical mixing. It includes everything you need. It starts with Students looking at a PowerPoint on Pointillism focusing on Seurat. (16 slides)...

Texture Resource

Two texture image resources for drawing, painting and textile projects. To see more texture resources click here.

Cezanne Unit of Work

This comprehensive unit of work includes everything you need to run a super-engaging Cezanne project. The ‘Lesson by Lesson’ document includes lesson objectives, tasks, keywords, resources needed and homework. This is a one page...


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