Copyright for Artists


Copyright for artists can be very confusing.  When I saw the images below on a Facebook group, I knew I had to contact the owner, Stephanie Longoria, to see if I could share them with The Arty Teacher community.  Luckily Stephanie was happy to share them stating that “I feel that it is important for all artists to know how to protect themselves”.

Stephanie had a motive for making these images.  Her original Facebook post stated:

“This summer I had some artwork stolen by a few different companies. Two of which were in Mexico. I was unable to track down the companies that stole the work. I decided to turn my experience into a lesson learned and hopefully help other artists. I am not a copyright lawyer but I have taken a few different copyright law classes. I put these slides together to hopefully help others understand the laws a little better. The information in the slides comes from the classes I took.”

You might be interested in the information about copyright for your own artwork, or you might be interested in sharing this post with the classes you teach. Either way, these clear images answer some key questions.

Copyright for Artists

Copyright for Artists

Copyright for Artists

what do I do if someone steals my artwork?

Copyright for Artists

Stephanies first slide offers good advice regarding copyright for artists: always consult a lawyer if you are faced with possible copyright infringement.  Stephanie Longoria has a website here.

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