Black Lives Matter – Art Teacher TJ Reynolds Tells Us Why


Massachusettes art and music teacher TJ Reynolds sums up perfectly at the start of this video why black lives matter.  He goes on to demonstrate two tasks using the raised fist.  He explains that this is not an aggressive symbol, but a symbol of liberation.

With 20 years teaching experience under his belt, I asked if he had always taught a diverse curriculum.  He explained:

“It’s always been important for me to diversify the canon we curate for our students. Arts are not only an excellent way to reflect back representations of the students, but also a passport to learning about other cultures.”

See what else TJ Reynolds is up to on his website.  Other useful websites are:

The Black Curriculum

British Black Art Movements – The Tate

Black Lives Matter

If you are looking for ways to integrate more black artists into your curriculum, this list of black artists will be super-useful.  Finding artists that our students can relate to and make connections with is so important.

a list of black artists

If you know of any useful ‘Black Lives Matter’ websites that are useful for art teachers, please comment below.

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