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Boots Grid Drawing

This boots grid drawing is really useful if you are teaching a shoe art project.  The high-resolution image allows your students to include lots of detail. There are two versions of this one-page resource.  One...

Marbles – The Art of Scaling Up

A single page resource sheet that teaches the valuable skill of scaling up. This activity requires students to scale up and also provides a high resolution larger image to make it easier to add the...

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Grid Drawing

This is a one-page, versatile sunflower grid drawing, uploaded with three different titles: Observational Drawing Van Gogh Sunflowers It's hard to see from the image, but the box on the right has tiny marks so your students can...

Blossfeldt Grid Drawings

3 Karl Blossfeldt grid drawings to teach your students the drawing skills they need.  These would be ideal for natural forms projects.

Skull Grid Drawing Cover / Sub Lesson

Encourage detailed drawing with this skull grid drawing.  It is available as a landscape or portrait page.  This resource includes a lesson plan which is simple enough for a non-art specialist.

Eye Grid Drawing

Excellent for teaching line, tone and detail. Perfect classwork or homework for portrait drawing projects. You get two versions of this one-page resource: One where the grid lines are already in place and a second where...


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