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Fruit & Vegetables PhotoBank

100+ slides of Fruit and Vegetables. Ideal for natural forms projects. The presentation includes: Single whole fruit and vegetables Groups of whole fruit and vegetables Slices of fruit and vegetables Ideal for drawing and painting...

Shells Photobank

Over 60 high resolution photos of shells. An image library for inspiration that would be a great starting point for any drawing, painting or textiles project.

Rust Photobank

50 Slides of images of rust. Images include: surfaces, cars, cogs, hinges, fences, tools and more! 13 of these slides are the same as those found in my 'manmade' photobank.

Twisted, Tangled and Woven

A stunning collection of high definition photos on the theme of Twisted Tangles and Woven. 82 Slides. Images include: woven baskets, rope, knots, wool, twisted plants, plaited hair, and fishing nets. This huge photobank...

Skull and Skeleton Photobank

22 Fantastic photographs of a human skull and rib-cage. Dramatic compositions make these photographs ideal to draw and paint from. The copyright on these images is for use in your classroom only.

Man-Made Textures Photobank

60 slides of high resolution photographs of man-made textures. This includes crumbling paint, rusty surfaces and ironwork, rusty chains, patterned metal, old walls, textured fabric, rope, cobbles, crinkled paper and more! All in a...


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