How Planning & Reflection Is Key To Happiness

This blog post offers practical ideas for how to be a happier Art Teacher.  You used to love it right?  You did all that training to become an Art Teacher with such enthusiasm, but...

Have you lost your Art Teacher Mojo?

It’s that time of year when Art Teachers around the world are preparing to go back to school.  On social media, it appears that some of us are looking forward to it more than...

Embedding Literacy in the Art Curriculum

I posed the question on social media "If a new art teacher said to you 'How do you embed art literacy in your art curriculum?' What would you answer?" The replies came thick and fast...

Art Homework That Doesn’t Need Marking!

Even the best, most dedicated, Art Teacher can sometimes feel the marking and assessment burden. Homework and classwork mount up and it all needs marking. Here I have 15 excellent suggestions for homework tasks...

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