Zentangle Art Lessons


Zentangles really do engage students and below is a great selection of Zentangle art lessons that you can use with your art students.

Zentangles Feathers

‘Zentangles Feathers’ is a popular lesson and gives students three feathers to practice on.  It also comes with 3 sheets of zentangles for your students to explore, which can also be used with other projects.  Great value and great fun!

Zentangle Art Lessons

If you want students to add zentangle patterns to their own creations, the zentangle examples below are so useful.  You’ll use them again and again in your teaching career.

zentangles art lesson

The ‘Zentangles in Shapes’ lesson below comes with some sample sheets and a lesson plan so you can use it as an art sub lesson if you wish.  What makes this resource really worthwhile is the good example pictured below which really helps raise attainment.

zentangles art lesson

Students love the Zentangle alphabet below because it feels personal when you give them the letter of their name.  You can also teach your students about negative space as these look effective when the letter is left blank and the background is filled with zentangles.

There are lots of wonderful examples of Zentangle animals on the internet.  The resource below gives your art students the opportunity to create a Zentangle crab.  Everything they need is on one page.

animal zentangles

The Zentangle sub lesson below asks students to copy the zentangle patterns that they can see into the boxes.  A simple and therapeutic task! Of course it comes with a lesson plan.
zentangle art lessons

Seasonal Zentangle Art Lessons

‘Zentangles Pumpkin’ is a great way to use zentangles at Halloween.  Students apply the Zentangles within the sections of the pumpkin.  This resource comes with the good example that you can see below.

zentangles art lesson

The Zentangle Heart worksheet below is ideal if you want to teach a Valentine’s art lesson.  It also includes a good example to inspire your students.


The Zentangle Easter Eggs download below comes with two differentiated worksheets.  One has some lines in place for your students to work within, and the second has just ovals for the more confident zentangle maker!

Zentangle Art Lessons

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