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As you head back to school you might be planning on treating yourself to a new art apron.  I don’t know of an art teacher who hasn’t ruined an item of clothing at some point or other in their career.  I’ve been trawling the internet and the aprons below all have some excellent features.

First up is this khaki canvas apron which is water-resistant & rugged and made from16 oz waxed canvas.  I love all the pockets and know that I’d be able to put my hands on an eraser or sharpener when I needed it.  (I’d also be able to secretly hide my phone in one of the deeper pockets, but don’t tell my students).

art apron with pockets

Get it on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk 

I’m posting this one as I just love the colour and design.  It’s tough material and I love the eyelet and tie.

yellow art apron

Get it on Amazon.com (Amazon UK needs to catch up)

Denim Art Aprons

So why is this lady leaning into a magically levitating salad bowl?  Magic tricks aside, if you like denim this apron is for you. As you can see its a chefs apron but all those useful pockets…  It’s a good price in the USA but ridiculously expensive in the UK.

denim art apron

Get it on Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk

Another denim apron which comes in a beautifully-distressed, denim fabric. It includes several pockets but is not pocket-tastic like some of the aprons above.  I like its hard-wearing urban look.  You might get the urge to do a bit of wrought iron work if you buy this apron, or perhaps a bit of glass fusing.

art teacher apron

Get it on Amazon.com

Long Art Aprons

If you’re looking for something a bit longer this soft and comfortable, washed-cotton apron by Kiccoly (below) is great.  It’s well priced too.  If you want to walk through fields of long grass with an easel, this apron is essential.

art apron

Amazon.co.uk (ships to the USA too)

The art apron below comes in a range of colours including purple, red and beige and the colour below that they call brown (and I would call camel).  It’s really long so will protect you from all of those paint splashes!

art apron

Get it on Amazon.co.uk  

I hope you find just the right apron to complete your art teacher look and more importantly to keep your clothes clean.  If you’d like to be kept up-to-date with The Arty Teacher blog posts, click on the image below to register.

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