What Can I Draw? – 100 Objects to Draw

By The Arty Teacher - November 3, 2018

‘What can I draw?’ The answer may be below.  This list should inspire you as it has 100 drawing prompts.  Like most activities, drawing improves if you keep doing it.  The ideas below require you to put the object in front of you, or a picture of the object, and to carefully draw it. Feel free to use any of the images from this blog post as they are all public domain images.

draw a cat
  • A close-up of your cat or dog.
  • A hat
  • A cupcake. (Then you get to eat it!)
  • A car from an interesting viewpoint.
draw a car
  • Your bike.
Draw a Bike
  • Glasses.
  • A houseplant.
  • A cup and saucer.
  • Eyes.  Your own, a friend’s or a family member.
Draw a woven texture
  • Something that is woven.
  • A chair.
  • Your open pencil case.
  • Something shiny: a spoon, a trophy, a tap…
What can i draw?
  • A pile of pots and pans sitting on the draining board.
  • Your feet.
how to draw a hand
  • Your hand. 
  • The clothes you dropped on the floor.
  • A shell.
  • A stack of books.
  • Some old shoes.
  • A pine cone.
  • Your Phone.
  • A ball of string.
  • A leaf, either green or autumnal.
  • A self-portrait. Use a mirror or your phone.
Draw a self portrait
  • The cutlery drawer or a pile of cutlery.
  • A plate of food.
  • Your unmade bed.
  • A rose.
  • Your earphones or headphones.
  • Create your own still life of pots, pans and bottles.
  • A tree, branch, twig or stump.
  • A button.
  • An old lamp.
  • A pepper (capsicum) cut in half.
  • A croissant.
What can i draw
  • A pencil sharpener.
  • A paint palette with a brush.
  • A tube of paint.
A list of things to draw
  • Cloth which you have artistically draped.
  • A fish.
  • A smile.
  • A view from a window.
  • A vase of flowers.
Draw flowers
  • A sunflower.
  • A chocolate bar.
  • A kiss.
  • An eyeshadow palette.
  • Glass beads.
Draw glass beads
  • A pagoda.
  • The inside of a room.
  • An orange or lemon cut in half.
  • A compass.
  • A toothpaste tube.
Draw a toothpaste tube
  • A single biscuit or an open packet of Orea’s.
  • A toothbrush.
  • The view through a keyhole.
  • A human or animal skull.
  • Jelly Babies
Draw jelly babies
  • An ear.
  • Facial expressions – shock, anger, happiness etc
  • A jar full of sweets or coins or pickles.
  • A cotton reel.
  • Marbles.
Draw marbles
  • A pincushion.
  • Inside a clock.
  • Feet in flip-flops or sandals.
  • Wool and knitting needles.
  • Pasta.
Draw pasta
  • A Converse boot.
  • A tangle of necklaces.
  • A pile of buttons.
  • A butterfly.
  • An open tine of sardines.
  • A bunch of keys.
  • A nose.
  • A fingertip.
  • A fruit bowl.
  • Your house or a house in your street.
  • A rose.
  • A pocket watch.
  • Water. (A tap flowing, a river, the sea…)
  • The inside of your fridge.
  • Cow parsley.
  • A lipstick.
  • An ice-cream.
  • Fire, a match, an open fire or a candle.
  • A pile of magazines or newspapers.
  • Monkey Nuts.
  • A glass of water.
  • Your bookshelf.
  • A feather.
  • A slice of pizza.
  • A banana peel.
Draw a banana peel
  • A candlestick.
  • A denim jacket hanging on a peg.
  • A gemstone.
  • A wrapped present.
  • Nail polish.

Now you’ve looked at 100 drawing prompts, I no longer want to hear ‘What Shall I Draw?’

Shipping Your Finished Artwork

Once you have created something incredibly beautiful, dream big! Perhaps you want to send your work as a gift to friends in a neighboring city or organize your own exhibition somewhere in the world, in either
case you need to take care of the safety of your masterpieces during transportation, in this case I recommend New York based FineArtShippers. Share your talent with love and good luck!

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The Arty Teacher

Sarah Crowther is The Arty Teacher. She is a high school art teacher in the North West of England. She strives to share her enthusiasm for art by providing art teachers around the globe with high-quality resources and by sharing her expertise through this blog.

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12 responses to “What Can I Draw? – 100 Objects to Draw”

  1. Leila says:

    omg, thank you so much!!!!
    as an aspiring artist stuck without ideas this was so very helpful!

  2. Kassidy Crystal Fox says:

    I have an assignment due and this really helps! Thanks!

  3. itzbildplayz2020 says:

    Thanks this really helpes throughout the CORONA VIRUS ;D

    • The Arty Teacher says:

      That’s good to hear. I’ve been using this with my students too recently.

  4. Harin Lee says:

    What is a MONKEY NUT??

  5. Artist says:

    This is great

  6. Emily says:

    Thanks on what I could draw, I was hoping I would get some Ideas, and clearly, I got 100.

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