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Annotating Sketchbooks Presentation

An essential presentation which explains and gives excellent examples of how to annotate a sketchbook page. I really saw an improvement in annotation after...
Annotating My Art Work

Annotation – Annotating My Work

A resource that you will use again and again to help your students annotate their work.  It includes sentence starters, keywords and a good...

Annotation – Annotating An Artists Work

A super useful resource to support students when they annotate an artists work. It includes sentence starters, keywords and a good example. Great for embedding...

Art Lesson Review

Do you really want to improve your lessons? Are you brave enough to get feedback from your students? Yes? Try reviewing your lessons with this Art...
Teaching Crosshatching

Teaching Crosshatching – Drawing Skills

This essential worksheet has been designed for teaching crosshatching. It gives two examples, Durer and Da Vinci and asks students to complete two tasks....

Pointillism Eye Unit of Work

This creative Pointillism Eye unit of work, teaches students about Pointillism, Seurat and optical mixing. It includes everything you need. It starts with Students looking...


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