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3D Spheres

With this 3D Spheres art lesson, it is easy to teach that tone/values can give the illusion that a flat surface has form.  Included...

Principals of Design PowerPoint / Posters

This principals of design PowerPoint can be used in a number of ways: Print the slides straight from the PowerPoint and use them as...

Drawing Texture Resource

This drawing texture resource asks students to draw textures they have observed within the letters of the word 'Texture'.  It's an ideal activity to...

Texture – Real & Implied

This texture worksheet is ideal for teaching the elements of art.  It's great to stick in a sketchbook or use as a poster. To see...

Sphere Tone / Value Worksheet

This detailed drawing task asks your students to copy the tone/value they can see in the image on the left.  This is an excellent...

Skull Value Exercise

Ideal for teaching the elements of art, this skull value exercise gets students to focus on creating a broad range of tones. I've had beautiful...


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