‘No Sharing Art Materials’ Art Projects


‘No Sharing Art Materials’ Art Projects

We’re all wondering what we can teach that is engaging and varied but doesn’t require our students to share materials.  Even though I can’t plan to teach printing and clay in the near future, I’ve still got lots of projects that have been popular with students and projects that I’ve designed especially for this situation.  If students have a pencil, pen, ruler and coloured pencils, they can do all of these projects.  Some only require a pencil.  You will have to provide paper or a sketchbook.

This project is all about drawing bell peppers.  (There is a version for Aus & NZ called ‘Drawing Capsicum’ too.) Students will need a pencil, pen and coloured pencils only for this project.  It can be completed on the worksheets on in sketchbooks. Click the image to learn more.

drawing peppers

The ‘Andy Warhol Converse’ project below, based around using the supplied photos of converser trainers, supports students to create a line drawing and a tone drawing of converse.  It asks them to create a research page on Andy Warhol, and then create four repeat line drawings with pen which are then coloured in with flat pencil colour. Click the image to find out more.

no sharing art materialsThe drawing shells resource below, like the drawing peppers project above, uses only pencil, pen and coloured pencils.  It’s designed for hybrid/blended learning which means you can use it in the classroom or for distance learning.  Click the image to find out more.

Drawing Shells

The ‘Drawing Close-Ups’ project below was created for home learning but would work equally well in the classroom.  Students need to photograph their own close-ups.  They could start with their own eye in the classroom and photograph other things at home.
Drawing close ups

This ‘Miniature Drawing Project’ below is a short unit of work that can use minimal materials and equipment. Students create a miniature concertina book and draw small objects from life or from reference.  Once you have cut paper for students all they need is a pencil.  They’ll have to have a worksheet each and they can bring in their own small objects in their pencil case or pocket.  Sorted.

I’m going to teach this Amsterdam Unit of Work again next year. It’s great for students to be able to create something 3D.  All they need is a toothpaste box, a pencil and a ballpoint pen.

There is a huge range of drawing resources on The Arty Teacher which are ideal for no sharing materials art lessons.

If you are planning for home learning, there are plenty of other projects on The Arty Teacher.  Just click the image below to see more.

Home learning

The Arty Teacher

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