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I have a fun challenge for you today which is to create some mushroom iPad art.  Look at these cool, overlapping mushroom pictures created by students.  Notice how you can see some of the mushroom drawings overlap because they are transparent.  They are not quite finished but give you a good idea about what I want you to do.

To create artworks like these follow these steps.  Save the images below to the camera roll of your iPad.

You are not going to just copy the pictures above but you are going to choose individual mushrooms from the pictures to create your own compositions.  Open Adobe Illustrator Draw.  (You could use another App that uses layers such as Brushes) Create a new document by clicking the plus sign in the bottom right-hand corner.  Choose either the iPad landscape or portrait.  (This is so I know your page is a good size).  Add one of the images above and use the brush tool to create a line drawing of a mushroom.  Make sure the brush tool size is 4.  You can draw in black or colour.  Make sure the draw layer is above your image layer.  Delete the photo when you have finished your drawing. Add a new draw layer and draw another mushroom.  Make your mushrooms overlap a little bit like the artwork above.  You can play around with the opacity of the layers to make some of your drawings transparent.

The success of this artwork is going to hinge on how you place your mushrooms.  You are not recreating the images above, but creating your own composition.  You can use a mushroom more than once and select single mushrooms from the pictures.  Enjoy!

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