List of Artists to Engage Boys in the Art Classroom


A question for you: How are you going to engage boys in art?

Research shows that boys engage with art if you the following themes and ways of working.  They are switched off by a limited diet of drawing, painting and writing about artists and engage with a broader curriculum.  Design, sculpture, sporting artists, graffiti and risk-taking can all engage boys.  Art teachers around the globe have found success with the following artists.  Of course, this isn’t a solution – just a little piece of the jigsaw puzzle! Each image is hyperlinked to a website or google search.






Unusual Method or Media


Thank you to all the art teachers that have me collect together these artists.  The artists below were also mentioned for engaging boys in art:

Michael Landy, Urs Fischer, Rudolf Stingel, Rachel Whitehead, Peter Doig, Kemang Wa Lehulere, Robin Rohde, Damien Hirst, Andy Goldsworthy, Caravaggio (for his delightful murderous ways) Terry Crews, Kehinde Wiley, Paul Bracq, Dali, Picasso, Game Designers, Jason Heuser, Jamie Hewlett (Tank Girls and Gorillaz) Ai Weiwei, Supreme,  Huge (graffiti), Gaudi, Frank Lloyd Wright, Escher, Frazetta, Yves Klein, Conrad Jones, Richard Estes, Ralph Goings, Takashi Murakami, Vanessa Beecroft, Nick Cave, Justin Bua, Frank Morrison, Alvin Burts, Marianne Brandt.

Further Reading:

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Teaching Boys More Effectively in the Art Classroom: A Personal Investigation by Jessica Y, Nicula.

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Click the image below to access a huge list of artists listed by theme.





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