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Halloween Bandaged Skull

This drawing a Halloween Bandaged Skull sub/cover lesson is so useful to have in your bank of resources.  It’s never wrong to get your students to draw and this is […]

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Winter Squash Grid Drawings

5 winter squash grid drawings. These squash are so asthetically pleasing! Perfect to draw. This download includes: 5 winter squash grid drawings (pictured here). A grid to draw on with […]

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2 user – school subscription – Test Jon

With a school subscription, every department member can download 10 resources a month.  When you purchase a school subscription, it creates an account for you with a subscription.  A new […]

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Ileana Hunter Presentation

This is the official, artist-approved, presentation about the work of artist Ileana Hunter. The presentation includes a script, which is below each slide, and through questioning the presentation encourages students […]

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Calendar Page for Inktober

A calendar page for your students to draw on for Inktober. When you have the free subscription, you can download 3 of my free resources every month. Materials to Consider: Permanent […]

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Open Day Visitor Art Activity

If you need an Open Day Visitor Art Activity (or open evening), this is ideal. Visitors of any age will enjoy taking a selfie and then drawing themselves in the […]

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Places Container – Art & Words – Unit of Work

This large unit of work explores the idea of ‘Places’ as a stimulus for creating an artwork. It asks students to turn a cylindrical container into an artwork by adding […]

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Painting a Lily with Acrylic

Painting a Lily with Acrylic is a download that has everything you need to support your students with learning how to paint with acrylic.  This download includes: A step-by-step guide within […]

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8 Ways to Distress Fabric – A Quick Guide

This 2-page download details 8 ways to distress fabric. These experimental ideas could be taught to students or the worksheets given to more independent learners. These are ideal for texile […]

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