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Drawing Artefacts – Seated Buddha

This beautiful ‘Seated Buddha’ from Thailand is inspiring to draw and a great way to introduce both sculpture and different cultures into your art lessons. There are two versions of […]

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Gaudi Painting and Collage Project

This is a large Gaudi Painting and Collage Project where students will: Learn about the architect Antoni Gaudi through discussion and making a research page. Draw natural forms in a […]

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Pinecones to Draw

2 pages of pinecones to draw or paint. There are many natural forms art lessons on The Arty Teacher website.

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Collaborative Oil Pastel Artwork – Cat

Creating this collaborative oil pastel artwork, teaches your students to use oil pastels and to work as a team. Students work in groups, with each student drawing a piece of […]

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Tiles for Collage

These images have been created to print and use as collage material. I created them for a new Gaudi inspired painting and collage project that is coming out soon. Or […]

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Collage Papers

10 pages of tactile, colourful collage papers. I appreciate that printing collage paper is a luxury, but these can supplement the more economical and free collage papers that you collect. […]

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Zendoodle Iguana

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This zendoodle iguana worksheet has everything your students need on one worksheet.  A beautiful iguana, a short written instruction and some good example zendoodle patterns.  This is a 2-page download […]

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Scruffy Soft Toy: Drawing, Mark Making

During this scruffy soft toy drawing task, students will: Create an interesting drawing surface. Learn about drawing and mark making. Develop their pen drawing skills This download includes: A 9-slide […]

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Drawing Peppers on a Distressed Surface

‘Drawing peppers on a distressed surface’ results in students in creating a beautiful, detailed charcoal drawing of a pepper on a distressed surface. They will learn: How to create a […]

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