How to Become a Web Designer

By The Arty Teacher - November 6, 1989

What is a Webs Designer?

A web designer creates the visual elements and layout of websites to make them visually appealing and easy to use for visitors.

In some cases, web designers might also be involved in the website’s development, using coding languages like HTML, CSS, or JavaScript to implement their design concepts. However, web designers and web developers can be separate roles, with designers focusing more on the visual aspects and developers handling the technical implementation and functionality of the website.

What Skills does a Web Designer need?

To become a web designer, you should be creative, have a good eye for design, and enjoying using computers and devices.  You should be open to learning new software because who knows what new technology will come along in the future. 

What Qualification does a Web Designer Need?

To become a web designer, you don’t always need a formal degree, but it can help. Many aspiring web designers pursue a degree in fields like graphic design, web design or computer science. Learning about design, coding languages like HTML and CSS, and using design software like Adobe tools is important if you want to combine the design side with web development.

Web Designer Specialisms

Web designers need many skills, but they might specialise in different areas within the field. Some focus on User Experience (UX), ensuring websites are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Others specialise in User Interface (UI) design, concentrating on the visual elements and aesthetics of a site. Visual designers emphasise the overall look and feel, including colour schemes and typography, while responsive designers ensure websites work well across various devices. Front-end developers/designers merge design with coding, creating both the visual and functional aspects. Additionally, web accessibility designers focus on making websites accessible to everyone. These specialisations reflect the diverse skill sets and focuses within the web design profession.

What Can You do to Build a CV to become an Web Designer?

If you want to become a web designer you can start building a CV by completing some of the following tasks.

  1. Opt for Art! Studying art will evidence you are creative which is an essential skill for a web developer.
  2. Learn the Basics: Study design principles, HTML, CSS, and other coding languages through online resources, tutorials, or courses.
  3. Practice Design: Experiment with design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Sketch to create mock-ups, logos, or graphics.
  4. Create Projects: Work on personal web design projects, such as building a portfolio website, blog, or simple web pages to showcase skills.
  5. Join Coding Clubs: Participate in coding clubs or workshops to collaborate with peers and learn coding and design techniques.
  6. Intern or Shadow: Seek internships or shadow opportunities at local design firms or agencies to observe professionals and gain practical experience.
  7. Attend Workshops/Events: Attend web design workshops, seminars, or conferences to learn from experts and stay updated with industry trends.
  8. Build a Portfolio: Document design projects, codes, and websites created during school and extracurricular activities to demonstrate skills and growth.
  9. Seek Feedback: Share work with teachers, mentors, or online communities to receive feedback and improve design and coding abilities.
  10. Learn Responsive Design: Understand the basics of responsive design, ensuring websites look good and function well on different devices.
  11. Stay Curious: Keep learning, experimenting, and staying curious about new design trends, coding languages, and emerging technologies in web design.

By actively engaging in these activities, students can acquire foundational skills, gain practical experience, and start building a portfolio to kickstart a career as a web designer.

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