Halloween Art Lessons


It’s fun to have Halloween art lessons but I still want to deliver lessons that are full of creativity and teach new skills.  Dumbing down and colouring in certainly aren’t good enough.  All the resources below teach valuable skills but are ideal for this spooky time of year!

The Halloween demon art resource below is a great way to teach your students how to use different media.  It’s also a useful resource for engaging boys!

Halloween Art Lessons

Teach your students how to use watercolour wet-on-wet with the ‘Halloween Potions’ art resource below.  The good example shows students exactly what you want them to achieve.

Halloween Art Lessons

The skull and skeleton image bank below includes 22 fantastic photographs of a human skull and rib-cage.  They make a great starting point for numerous drawing or painting tasks.

The worksheet below, which comes in two different versions depending on whether you want to use the word ‘tone’ or ‘value’, is ideal for Halloween and is really useful for getting students to practise using a wide range of tones.  I’ve used this many times and students have really enjoyed doing it.

A page on Halloween Art Lessons wouldn’t be complete without some pumpkins!

The zentangles pumpkin resource below is ideal to introduce your students to zentangles and to pattern.  I have found that students love zentangles!  This resource comes with a lesson plan so you can also use it as a sub/cover lesson.



The Day of the Dead art resource below asks students to copy the image they can see.  The top box is a straight forward copy and the box below requires the students to create a mirror image.

‘Halloween Pumpkins’ below is a great opportunity to teach your students to gradate watercolour.  The good example included with this resource uses all warm colours and required lots of subtle changes of colour.

Halloween Art Lessons

The dark ‘Skull Drawing’ below gives your students the opportunity to practice their drawing skills.  They can never do too much of that!

The Arty Teacher is the home of quality art teaching resources.  Why not click the image below to register and qualify to download 3 of the free resources each month.

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