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Big Art Word Search

It's big, and it's a word search. There are lots of word searches on The Arty Teacher

Van Gogh Venn Diagram

This Art Venn diagram includes Art, Maths & Literacy! It's not always easy to introduce maths and literacy into an art lesson but by using this Venn Diagram for analysis you are doing just that. Pupils...

Key Words List

You will use this Key Words list again and again.  It's a great way to help and encourage students to use a broader vocabulary in your art lessons, and a simple way to incorporate...
Art Literacy Packet for Art Teachers

Art Literacy Packet

This Art Literacy packet of resources pulls together some of my most popular and useful resources. ‘Talking About Art’ starter activity. This is a placemat which gets your students talking about any artwork using sentence...

Annotating Sketchbooks Presentation

An essential presentation which explains and gives excellent examples of how to annotate a sketchbook page. I really saw an improvement in annotation after showing my students this! The presentation includes a SCRIPT which you...

Annotation – Annotating My Work

A resource that you will use again and again to help your students annotate their work.  It includes sentence starters, keywords and a good example. Great for embedding literacy in your art lessons.


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