Roll & Create – Independent Learning Grid


How can you make your older students work independently? Turn it into a game!  This ‘Roll & Create’ art teacher resource is a dice game with an independent learning grid.  It asks students to roll a dice and choose an option from each column.  The instructions are as follows:

“Roll the dice and look at the first column to reveal how you will change your image. Roll again and look at the 2nd column to see which medium you will use. Roll again and column 3 will tell you what size you are to work at. Your final roll and column 4 will tell you what surface you will work on. If you get the wild card you can choose anything from that column.”

To use this grid fully, your students will need access to either art apps or photoshop.  The different media suggested are: wax crayon, ink, charcoal, coloured pencil, fine liner, collage (so old magazines) The surfaces it suggests is: cartridge paper, cardboard, brown packing paper, coffee-stained paper, black paper. I’m sure you could swap a few of them if you didn’t have everything.

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