Peer Marking and Self-Assessing a Watercolor (& Watercolour)


You will receive two versions of this resource when you download it – one with the spelling ‘watercolour’ and one with the spelling ‘watercolor’.

This super-useful resource allows you to choose to get students to peer mark or self-assess their watercolour work. The questions within the Self-Assessment resource are as follows:
Can I see brush marks which means I haven’t used enough water?
Have I painted neatly and accurately?
Did my colors accidently run into each other because I worked wet next to wet? Or did you want colours to bleed into each other?
Did you ‘knock back’ your pencil lines with a rubber before you started to paint, so that the pencil lines hardly show?
Have I kept my page neat and managed not to smudge paint where I don’t want it?
Did I use the paint too thickly? Like Poster paint? Remember the clues is in the name: watercolor!
There is also space for a Teacher Comment at the end.
The Peer Assessment resource has the same questions rewritten, with sentences starting ‘Has
he/she…’ etc.