Painting and Drawing Skulls Unit of Work


Painting and Drawing Skulls

Painting and Drawing skulls is a big unit of work that has been written for older students (perhaps age 14/15) who are embarking on an independent course of study.  Ideal for Year 10 in the UK or choice based courses where students need some structure but then become more independent.  Made for students working in sketchbooks and designed to take at least half a year of lessons to complete.  It is very adaptable as you could spend longer or shorter period of time on different stages e.g. drawing, painting, development, etc.  This download includes:

  • A 4-page written unit of work with a stage by stage breakdown of tasks, associated resources and suggested homework tasks.
  • A Powerpoint with 23 images of human skulls and ribcages.
  • A PowerPoint that includes many of the resources pictured above. For example:
    • A good example of how to present skull photos in a sketchbook
    • A good example of a research page
    • A good example of how to present photos that have been manipulated in Apps
    • A good example of photos that have been manipulated in photoshop
    • Images created in a medical App and which App to use
    • A good example of how to present different composition ideas
    • Also good examples of drawings created in pencil, pen, charcoal, and stick and ink.

The slides can be individually printed if you want resources to put out on tables.  This does not include lesson plans as our students work at such different paces.

Painting and Drawing Skulls is just one of many units of work on The Arty Teacher.

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